YoP year 5 – week 9 update

Here I am!  Sorry for missing last week… Internet access was sketchy at best while on my cottage vaycay.

I managed to get lots of knitting done ;)

I finished up two test knits!  

Here is a teaser of them both…  

love the way this electric blue and black go together!

 The above pic is of a test knit for Ruth McKeon Celtic Knits.  She does awesome work and I love doing these pieces for her!

such a cute button found at the LYS in Fenelon Falls , Ontario


The above pic is of a test knit for Dana Gervais.  She also makes beautiful things and this treasure will be one of my faves for a long time ;) 

As these two items were finished off, I dove straight into another… This time I can show you more… As it is not a test knit… And it is a quick addition to my YoP list ;)

It is the mobieous cowl from Estelle Yarns… In Drake.


this is a photo from the estelle website

And this is what I have accomplished so far…

Time will tell what I do with it… I will likely keep it of give it to a very deserving teacher at Christmas ;)

One really fun thing I got to do while away this past week was attend the LYS knit night in Fenelon Falls with my mom.  She started a new project too… A winter hat with cables.  She is pleased with her new project ;)

The Crafty Ewe is an adorable shop that I hope to get back to one day!

With any kind of luck, I will finish off the Rose city rollers this week… As they got absolutely no attention this week.  I would love to wear them as my back to school socks on September 8th! 

YoP year five – Week 7

This week was so busy… My summer camp job is coming to a close… So there are lots of ends to tie up and counsellors are getting sick left right and centre… I however… Appear to be as healthy as can be… Yay! 

This week I did a quick crochet headband for no reason… Those kinds of projects are always fun!  I hope I can show it off next week… There are ends that need to be worked in.

I still am working away on my Rose City Rollers… I think they are looking great… Don’t you? 

I am done the heel turn and he gusset… Now I need to just knit and knit and knit until it reaches the base of my little toe.  Then I will be onto the toe decreases.  Then all done! 

I hope to get these off the needles so soon… As I just signed on to do another test knit for Ruth over at Ruth McKeon Celtic Knits.

Like always for her designs… I am super pumped! 

Happy Sunday one and all! 

YoP year five – week six

Well this week flew by… And only four weeks left of summer vaycay!  I am looking forward to it actually… I landed a permanent job in the school board I work for and can hardly wait to start! 

But onto the knitting and crocheting… 

I started and finished a cute little baby sweater….  My project page for it on ravelry can be found HERE.

It is an open front baby sweater. I made the newborn size… But it may fit babies a little bigger than that…

I continued work on the Rose city rollers socks too. Only another 3/4 of an inch knit though… These will not take a whole lot longer I hope.

Intermittent with these socks I am thinking I am going to continue making hexagons for the second stocking… That way that task can be done too. 

So here is where I am so far with my YoP list 


Edie infinity scarf

Wee envelope sweater

Snug as a ladybug sweater COMPLETED August 8th, 2015

Linnie baby sweater

Baby Surprise Jacket 

Seamless baby hooded pullover 

Minions slippers  COMPLETED mid-July 2015

grannie slippers  

Bootie socks for babies


African flower hexies for stockings – ONE DOWN… ONE TO GO!!


Summer in Provence cowl and hat (This is a WIP that was put in the back burner)

Crocheted moccasins

Vanilla latte socks

Rose city rollers socks -WIP

Lacey poncho (this is a WIP that was put on the back burner)

TEST KNITTING (who for) 

Celticknits – It is run by a fellow YoP participant!!! 

FIRST test knit –> complete in July 2015.  Project page is HERE
That is it for now!  Looking forward to other posts from other YoP participants! 


This week my post is delayed by one day because we have a long weekend here in Ontario this weekend, and this is the first chance I have had to sit down and write something! 

This long weekend, whereas it has been busy it has also been productive.  Since last post I worked some more on my rose city rollers socks and I am now on the gusset decreases.  

They still don’t look like much, but that is because they are top-down roll-cuff socks… I love this yarn though… I have made socks in it before and love how it all goes together. 

One thing I did start and finish this weekend is one of two stockings I want to make for my boys this Christmas… I think they were on my list last year… But they are definitely on my list this year… The one in the photo is the one I started this weekend and it is now at this point… I just need to work in all the ends (they are tucked neatly away on the inside so you can’t see them) and maybe do a red trim on the top.

The next one I make will be in the same colours, only the red will be where the green is and visa versa.  And it will likely have a green trim at the top.

Should I make one for. Yosef, it will be in a verigated yarn with red or green trim.  Let ends to work in at the end of the project.  

I also have In mind to make a couple if these soon… 

They should be quick knits, as they are open at the front and done In a chunkier yarn.  I like making baby knits… They are fast and easy. 

That is all for now… Must go catch up on some blog reading now ;)

YoP year 5 WEEK FOUR

A little more of a productive week this week!  

I finished the minions slippers ;) 

Bob is super cute, and my friends relative LOVED them…. Always a bonus.

Then I received notification that the test knit I was working on is live ;)

So here are a couple pics of my journey in its creation… And please follow this LINK to find the pattern on ravelry! 

Such a fun and easy knit! 
Happy Sunday one and all! 

Year of Projects YEAR 5!!! Week 3… (Yup missed a week already…)

Slow progress the last couple of weeks.. Finished off a test knit right after finishing a test crochet… I can hardly wait to reveal them both!! Just waiting for them to go live on ravelry.

I did however whip these up for a friend…

These are Bob slippers… Bob is the smallest minion in the minion movie and he has two different colours of eyes… So these slippers do also.  

I am happily jumping on the minion band wagon… Hope to get lots of fun things knit and crochet for Christmas… 

That sadly is all for this week… 

Year of Projects YEAR 5!!! Update number one

I can hardly believe that we are here… At the beginning of year five… It has been a wild ride… I have participated in some capacity or other over the previous four years… And I have made some great connections with other knitters and crocheters!!

Last week I posted about my year five goals and you can find them HERE anytime in the notes section of my blog…

Over the last week i finished up a test crochet hat…

Here is a teaser photo…

I also continued to work on a test knit for Ruth.  Her site is HERE.

This is about as much as I can show you…

The best part?  Right fro pm the beginning I am working on a project from my year five project list!  Test knits for Ruth are list there ;)

Not much else is actively on the needles at the moment… Trying hard to push through this test knit and have it completed really soon… Just past the half way mark now, and the bulk of the progress has happened over the last couple of evenings.

Must go… I look forward to reading about other bloggers lists throughout the course of my no-so-busy Sunday!   Please stop by the year of projects group on Ravelry anytime!