Welcome back…. To me.

WARNING… whereas this is indeed a YoPyr4 post… I have many other things to chat about… As this is a catch up post as well.

Let me start off by saying… There are no excuses for my non-existence in the blogosphere these past few weeks.  None whatsoever.  

Over the last while I have had interviews for the next stages of per,aren’t employment with the school board I work for.  And I now have to anxiously wait until July or August to hear if “I made it” or not.  So I am anxiously awaiting that.

At the beginning of March I was up at the crack of dawn to log onto the toronto parks and rec website to register my two boys for camps for the summer.  In this venture I was extremely successful… I managed to secure spots for both boys at a local day camps for 9 out of 10 weeks this summer… As the 10 week we will be up at my mom and dads trailer resort in a housekeeping cottage… “Getting away from it all”

The 9 weeks of camp was a big weight off my shoulders… And what is even better… Is I didn’t have to pay anything!  The city has toronto has made a few of their community centres “priority centres” which means the programs that are offered there are FREE.  Same quality of programs as everywhere else just $0.00!! 

So now we get further into March… Where I find myself worki feverishly to finish off a sock monkey set for a friend of mine, who wants to purchase it for a friend of hers.


This is it pictured here… Still with eyes needed for the slippers and the head of the lovey blanket.  And some ends need to be woven in. 

At the start of  the March Break I thought I would be neat to cast on a shawl pattern I found on Knitty.com… With the idea I could start and finish it over March break… Well my body had other ideas.  I got terrible sick during that week and sleep most of the Tuesday and into the wednesday… So alas… The shawl did not get completed In a week.  And is still not completed to this day… As real life often gets in the way and is a huge barrier to my knitting (and crocheting) progress.

This is a photo of what it should look like when it is done… Which will be very soon I guess… As I only have 15 or so rows to go.


It is called WAVEDECK designed by Kate Atherly.

I did however, manage to make a cute little rib it sweater for a baby shower I went to yesterday… Yet stupidly forgot to photograph it.

This is a picture from the pattern… Which is easily found on Yarnspirations.com 

I also started a cute crocheted granny square-type of poncho.  It requires 64 squares and 4 half squares.  I have 12 done… So this is the picture of the one from the pattern.  It is a lion brand pattern.  


If you have read many of my blog entries in past… This is what you should know about me…I work with special needs children & I love my job.  This year I am in a school covering a maternity leave. Primarily my experience is with children on the Autistic Spectrum.  And I have been doing this kind of work for many many years.  

Last week was autism awareness week… And Thursday, April 2nd was world autism awareness day… Where people from far and wide were encouraged to wear blue to represent autism awareness.  My sons and I did… As we have in past… Yet this year I was lucky enough to be in the presence of and amazing staff at the school I am at who all participated in educating the students and the community of this neurological disorder all week.  The following are just a few photographs of the hallway outside the library.


This is a bulletin board display solely done by a grade eight student on the stertrum.  It is amazing.



And this is a TWITTER WALL where students and community members could write their thoughts and feelings about what they learned throughout the course of the week.


And this tweet stole the show… Right from the mind of the young man that created the bulletin board.  AMAZING.

MY APOLOGIES for so much of this post being less to do with knitting… But more to do with other things… But I felt it only fair to mention them all… As they are what has been keeping me from my knitting ;)

Before I go… Let me leave you with one last photo… The lights of my world… And life’s biggest distraction… My boys ;) 


YoPyr4 update…. Too long! 

Much apologies to all…. I have been so very delinquent in my regular posting of my blog… In fact… According to my last post… I missed all of february.  Eek.

It has been a very busy month… So much so that I am really looking forward to spring break in two weeks.  I always look forward to them… But this year more so than normal I think.  

On the crochet and knitting front I have managed to do a few things…. But am not certain at this minute if I have finished much of anything…. 

I made these, but I think I posted them already… I just really like them… 

And I have made a sock monkey hat… Another pair of minion slippers, sock monkey booties… A baby sweater and am currently trying to finish a baby sweater that will coordinate with the sock monkey hat and booties… Sadly…  No proper photos though…. I am hoping to get my butt in gear and have a really awesome post next week… 

YoPyr4 week 28, 29 and 30 update.


So January has pretty much come and gone and this is my first post since January 4th. Getting back into the swing of things with work and school for the kids… Proved a lot more taxing than anticipated.

Thus making my productivity in knitting and crocheting slim to none… I finished this hat… For the crochet crowd January Challenge.


It is cute. And a co-worker of mine LOVES it.

I made a few more minion slippers for a mother at my sons TaeKwonDo school. Her kids loved them!

And now I have this still on my needles… But the pair are almost complete!


Then I can turn my sights onto the monthly sock challenge I have joined on Facebook…. With a week to go… I don’t think I am going to have them done in time…. But I will do my best and am pretty sure I will have lots of time at the beginning of February… Which I will chat more about next week ;)

YoPyr4 week twenty-seven update



Now that the excitement on the new year has passed and I have gotten the children mostly organized for back to school tomorrow… I can sit down to write this post….

I tinkered a bit with my YoPyr4 list some… Found that I accomplished a bit more than I thought I had, so far! With holiday knitting out of the way, I have switched my focus to a lot of things for me…

Even though there has not been any progress on the sweater for me, the socks are coming along well….


The pattern is “Vanilla Latte Socks”. A free pattern on Ravelry. It is by far my favourite no-pattern, sock pattern.

However these socks need to get finished… I have been emailed the Ja Harry sock pattern for the Facebook knit from stash along and it is stressing me out some that I haven’t started it yet…. However… It is only the 4th of January… And I have all month to make them…

I have all my knit from Stash yarn pre bagged… My husband ra did ,y wrote the months in the bags, so each month will be a surprise as to what yarn from my stash I am working with….


I am also working up this hat… A free pattern from Yarnspirations… Mikey from the Crochet Crowd has posted it on the crochet challenges site… Again, something I have joined with the hopes of keeping up with…

This is the photo from The pattern of the hat…


And this is how far I am along with it…


You may have noticed these cute little zipper pouches Ina couple of my photos…


They are from the dollar store and I love love love them for project bags, as I can see partly through them and I have a metal binder ring attached to them, so I can hang them from arms of chairs etc when I work on my projects.

On a related/unrelated note… I am also doing a photo-a-day challenge on Instagram. It is a Knitty and crafty one! Look up the hashtag in the photo below and join in! It is only the 4th of the month… You could catch up ;)


YoPyr4 week twenty-six update


Even with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I still have managed to get this blog post together!

Over the last week I participated in a Knit-a-long! And made this cozy cowl/wrap/poncho thing… I was so proud of it, I wore it to church for the family service on Christmas Eve.


On Christmas Day, I made another Toothless Dragon hat. It is for a friend of mine. She is very excited.


I took huge advantage of the Michaels Boxing Day sale on Friday… In Canada, there is/was a bunch of yarn on sale and Friday had a coupon for 25% off the entire purchase, including sale items! So awesome.

At Michaels I bought enough Caron simply soft yarn to make myself a sweater. The pattern I am following will make me a sweater that should look something like this…


And because working on a sweater isn’t enough on its own (hahaha), I cast on a pair of socks. Because I am making them ankle socks, I am already at the heel flap.


I love making Two at a Time Socks, top down… Don’t you?

Now to go visit other blogs ;)

YoPyr4 week twenty-four and twenty-five update


These weeks are flying by! And I seem to have missed last week. Just as well… Life has been very busy.

I finished the black and white cowl…


I also finished the Santa hat…


I made a cute little penguin…


Made two more pairs of these fingerless mitts…


And this beard… For my older son who was Joseph in this mornings Christmas Story skit at church…


And now I am working in a pair of socks… As I am finding it digfficult to not dive into this pile of sock fibre goodness… As they have all venn bagged up and are waiting for the new year…. As I am joining a sock KAL on Facebook.


And I have joined this mystery KAL on Ravelry in a group called Laura’s Workshop. Group members are emailed a portion of the pattern each day. It started this past Thursday…. And so far I am call caught up… Currently working in today’s clue.


This week is sure to fly by… Even though I am off for two weeks…. Just hope to find lots of time to knit and crochet!

YoPyr4 week twenty-three update


Super quick update today, as the family and I are about to head out for the day.

I finished the red cowl and the bad piggie hat.



I also started and finished a black cowl…


And this really bright hat… It will be for another child that I work with.


Currently I wam working on yet another infinity cowl…


And a “Santa hat” of sorts…


The inspiration for this hat comes from The Big Bang Theory television show. The character Penny, as worn one like it in past Christmas episodes on this amazing show.


I am coming along quite nicely with various different items…

Have a good Sunday!