YoPyr4 update!!!


Good morning!

This post will be short, sweet and to the point….

No YOP progress this week… I monogamously worked on a test knit for Ruth over at ruthmckeoncelticknits.com

She designs such lovely things and as I mentioned last week… I had the honour of taking on one of her designs to knit.  It was due yesterday… And I finished just under the wire…. With literally only seconds to spare… 

The number of interruptions and diversions in ,y life this week were huge contributing factors.  And I fear the next five weeks or so are going to be very much the same… As the 2014/2015 school year ends on the 25th of June here…. And there are many MANY end of year activities going on.  Good thing I set reminders in my phone for everything… Otherwise I would be lost. 

But the test is done and now I am setting my sights in finishing a couple other items that I hope will knit up fast… As I can feel myself slipping into this need for some instant gratification cycle that I go through every now and again.

I will hopefully be able to post a picture of the finished test knit next week… I am just waiting for the ok to do so.  

Happy sunday!

YoPyr4 week 46 update 


So by my calculations this is week 46…. Because the are 6 more weeks untl the last Sunday of June… And YoP years (main stream) start on the first Sunday in July.  If I am wrong on this, I would be happy for any clarification.  Thanks in advance ;)

Not a major FO week.  I did finish a cowl for a co-worker… Made in alpaca.  Which is snuggly and warm… 

Then I cast on this… Yep, another cast on and there are others put on the back burner while I motor through it.  

It is a close up of a K2P2 rib…. Because it is a test knit for a fellow YoP member and I don’t want to give too much away…. But you can read her blog here, at Ruth McKeon Celtic Knits

That is all for now though… I have other little WIPS too… But they did not receive any attention this week I am afraid… 

Have a lovely Sunday! 

YoPyr4 update… I honestly don’t know what week we r at… 


This slightly overcast Mother’s Day is what I am looking at when I look out the window… But that is ok… The weather it warm… There is a nice breeze and our windows are OPEN! 

This blog post is probably the most amount of work I will have to do today… This is a very low-key others day… And I am ok with that!!! 

The warm weather and busy busy work week… Kept me from my knitting and crocheting some… But I plan on rectifying that later… 

I seem to have a bit of a stand still whe it comes to my projects right now… I have a few mini projects on the go… But nothing that is holding my attention for long… So I float between all of them.   I am making progress on a cowl… A winter hat… A shawl… The poncho… And finally an infinity scarf for a co-worker… 
So In the coming weeks I hope to be posting more updates with head way and lovely photos ;)

Happy Sunday! 

YoPyr4 update, week 44

So on Monday I read a blog by Kim over on Page after Page and in between all the beautiful photos of her grandies I came across one of the projects she was working on and was struggling with… And was immediately intrigued by it.  

I clicked through the link and found wee envelope … The cutest little baby sweater I have seen in a long time.  And I obsessed about it for a short while and ultimately purchased it and cast it on Monday night.  Working on it off and on all week… Swapping back and forth between it and the new cowl I cast on with yarn naught at the frolic… I cast off my wee envelope last night! 

I love it.  And it was super easy… And because I made the newborn size… It was fairly quick also.  I just need to find the right buttons to put at the overlapping pieces at the shoulders…. I will probably go with a sparkly white or something.  Must hit up my local fabric land or dollar store to find them.  

The other project I was working on in between the wee envelope was this… 

It will be a cute little cowl and hat set… Perfect for summer weather.  And I am ever so excited that I can give it My full attention now .  The pattern section is easy and should knit up quickly.
That is all for now. Looking forward to going and catching up with the other YoP bloggers now! 

YoPyr4 update… Woo hoo!  2 weeks in a row ;)

This week saw little progress on anything knitted… A few more strips made for the blue poncho… A couple rows crocheted on the salmon pink shawl… That is it really.  I did however start a blanket buddy on Wednesday night and finished it off on Friday night as a quick gift for a baby I was meeting on Saturday.  

I did however enhance my fibre stash some after attending the 2015 Knitters Frolic yesterday…. 


A couple of skeins of Indigodragonfly yarn… On the left… The grey/green one is called “Don’t Blink” (apparently a Dr Who reference) and the multi-blue one is called “Like Lambs to the Frolic”. It was dyed specifically created for the Frolic, and from anything I can gather… It sold out quickly…

I also got some turtle purl yarns… They are skeined up into two hanks of equal measure for a pair of socks and one smaller skein to make solid toes, heels and cuffs… So cool.

I got some Hiya Hiya needles and some project bags.  I am also now the proud owner of a ‘YarnIt’.  A neat contraption for sure.

Never a disappointment at the frolic!  I can hardly wait until next year ;)

And before I go… A quick note… I was reviewing my YoPyr4 list just before sitting down to write this post and realized I am in pretty good shape.  Many of the things are done and those that are left… Well… We shall see.

The sweater for myself changed into a shawl… I will do a sweater again for myself… I just need to get my big project mojo back ;)

The patterned socks may not get completed this year, but I can totally see getting another pair of vanilla lattes started… The beanies for the TaeKwonDo teachers may carry over to the next list or dropped from it.

And the zombie quarrels?  They are still on my shelf, waiting for me to open them and get started…  They are calling for me to look at them – I just need to do it.  

Happy Sunday! 

YoPyr4 update… OMG week 42!

I missed last week… And I can’t even remember why now. 

But here we go….

On Easter Monday I finished my shawl…and since then I have been a fairly monogamous knitter on the blue poncho (albeit it is crochet… But still…) 

Here is the shawl… I love it and can hardly wear it as an accessory next week to the knitter’s frolic in toronto! 


This morning I ran to Walmart for a couple thing I needed for Sunday school at church and I happened upon the recent issue of create knitting magazine.

I rarely buy magazine… But when I flipped to the back and saw the patterns in this issue… I was pleasantly surprised by the number of patterns I was immediately excited to knit… Beyond the one on the front cover! 

Here is a quick montage of the items that caught my eye… 


This is the cover that caught my eye… That crop sweater would be quick to make as it is done up in a bulky cotton yarn… I would probably make the body longer though… Not sure that cropped sweaters are my thing…


I am just really drawn to this one…


And this one too ;)


Just pretty! 


Gorgeous cowl


This has drop stitch rows in it…. I could handle that ;)


I love me a simple slouch hat! 

So there you have it…. Tones of inspiration… Likely guiding my YoPyr5 Initiatives….

Have a good sunday! 



Welcome back…. To me.

WARNING… whereas this is indeed a YoPyr4 post… I have many other things to chat about… As this is a catch up post as well.

Let me start off by saying… There are no excuses for my non-existence in the blogosphere these past few weeks.  None whatsoever.  

Over the last while I have had interviews for the next stages of per,aren’t employment with the school board I work for.  And I now have to anxiously wait until July or August to hear if “I made it” or not.  So I am anxiously awaiting that.

At the beginning of March I was up at the crack of dawn to log onto the toronto parks and rec website to register my two boys for camps for the summer.  In this venture I was extremely successful… I managed to secure spots for both boys at a local day camps for 9 out of 10 weeks this summer… As the 10 week we will be up at my mom and dads trailer resort in a housekeeping cottage… “Getting away from it all”

The 9 weeks of camp was a big weight off my shoulders… And what is even better… Is I didn’t have to pay anything!  The city has toronto has made a few of their community centres “priority centres” which means the programs that are offered there are FREE.  Same quality of programs as everywhere else just $0.00!! 

So now we get further into March… Where I find myself worki feverishly to finish off a sock monkey set for a friend of mine, who wants to purchase it for a friend of hers.


This is it pictured here… Still with eyes needed for the slippers and the head of the lovey blanket.  And some ends need to be woven in. 

At the start of  the March Break I thought I would be neat to cast on a shawl pattern I found on Knitty.com… With the idea I could start and finish it over March break… Well my body had other ideas.  I got terrible sick during that week and sleep most of the Tuesday and into the wednesday… So alas… The shawl did not get completed In a week.  And is still not completed to this day… As real life often gets in the way and is a huge barrier to my knitting (and crocheting) progress.

This is a photo of what it should look like when it is done… Which will be very soon I guess… As I only have 15 or so rows to go.


It is called WAVEDECK designed by Kate Atherly.

I did however, manage to make a cute little rib it sweater for a baby shower I went to yesterday… Yet stupidly forgot to photograph it.

This is a picture from the pattern… Which is easily found on Yarnspirations.com 

I also started a cute crocheted granny square-type of poncho.  It requires 64 squares and 4 half squares.  I have 12 done… So this is the picture of the one from the pattern.  It is a lion brand pattern.  


If you have read many of my blog entries in past… This is what you should know about me…I work with special needs children & I love my job.  This year I am in a school covering a maternity leave. Primarily my experience is with children on the Autistic Spectrum.  And I have been doing this kind of work for many many years.  

Last week was autism awareness week… And Thursday, April 2nd was world autism awareness day… Where people from far and wide were encouraged to wear blue to represent autism awareness.  My sons and I did… As we have in past… Yet this year I was lucky enough to be in the presence of and amazing staff at the school I am at who all participated in educating the students and the community of this neurological disorder all week.  The following are just a few photographs of the hallway outside the library.


This is a bulletin board display solely done by a grade eight student on the stertrum.  It is amazing.



And this is a TWITTER WALL where students and community members could write their thoughts and feelings about what they learned throughout the course of the week.


And this tweet stole the show… Right from the mind of the young man that created the bulletin board.  AMAZING.

MY APOLOGIES for so much of this post being less to do with knitting… But more to do with other things… But I felt it only fair to mention them all… As they are what has been keeping me from my knitting ;)

Before I go… Let me leave you with one last photo… The lights of my world… And life’s biggest distraction… My boys ;)