YoPyr4 week 28, 29 and 30 update.


So January has pretty much come and gone and this is my first post since January 4th. Getting back into the swing of things with work and school for the kids… Proved a lot more taxing than anticipated.

Thus making my productivity in knitting and crocheting slim to none… I finished this hat… For the crochet crowd January Challenge.


It is cute. And a co-worker of mine LOVES it.

I made a few more minion slippers for a mother at my sons TaeKwonDo school. Her kids loved them!

And now I have this still on my needles… But the pair are almost complete!


Then I can turn my sights onto the monthly sock challenge I have joined on Facebook…. With a week to go… I don’t think I am going to have them done in time…. But I will do my best and am pretty sure I will have lots of time at the beginning of February… Which I will chat more about next week 😉


YoPyr4 week twenty-seven update



Now that the excitement on the new year has passed and I have gotten the children mostly organized for back to school tomorrow… I can sit down to write this post….

I tinkered a bit with my YoPyr4 list some… Found that I accomplished a bit more than I thought I had, so far! With holiday knitting out of the way, I have switched my focus to a lot of things for me…

Even though there has not been any progress on the sweater for me, the socks are coming along well….


The pattern is “Vanilla Latte Socks”. A free pattern on Ravelry. It is by far my favourite no-pattern, sock pattern.

However these socks need to get finished… I have been emailed the Ja Harry sock pattern for the Facebook knit from stash along and it is stressing me out some that I haven’t started it yet…. However… It is only the 4th of January… And I have all month to make them…

I have all my knit from Stash yarn pre bagged… My husband ra did ,y wrote the months in the bags, so each month will be a surprise as to what yarn from my stash I am working with….


I am also working up this hat… A free pattern from Yarnspirations… Mikey from the Crochet Crowd has posted it on the crochet challenges site… Again, something I have joined with the hopes of keeping up with…

This is the photo from The pattern of the hat…


And this is how far I am along with it…


You may have noticed these cute little zipper pouches Ina couple of my photos…


They are from the dollar store and I love love love them for project bags, as I can see partly through them and I have a metal binder ring attached to them, so I can hang them from arms of chairs etc when I work on my projects.

On a related/unrelated note… I am also doing a photo-a-day challenge on Instagram. It is a Knitty and crafty one! Look up the hashtag in the photo below and join in! It is only the 4th of the month… You could catch up 😉