YoPyr4 week twenty-two update


Welcome to the month before Christmas Craziness!

I have quite a bit to show today… So get ready…

Since last post I have finished these…


More fingerlessmitts! They have gained in popularity amongst my circle of friends and I find I am making more and more of them. These are the latest ones…

Sorry for the terrible photo… But this is the green infinity scarf I was working in. It is done… And is in the hands of its very happy owner.
It was so simple… Knit two, YO, K2tog to end, knit last stitch… Then purl a row. The whole scarf is like that.


This is a crochet infinity scarf I made out of the Bernat Blanket yarn… It is amazing and so fast to make.


Using Bernat Baby Blanket yarn I made these slippers, and some loops and Threads Impeccable in grey for the Pom poms and trim. Super squishy and soft!

These mitts were made to match a hat that I had a photo of from a friend of mine. The garter stitch allows them to be super stretchy length wise… And I have to go back and alter the thumb. It is too small. That shouldn’t take too long.


This infinity scarf is a WIP and is being constructed in similar fashion to the squishy brown one earlier in this post …. It is being made with Bernat Softee Chunky – so It should be done in a few more rows.


This is the inspiration for my other current WIP… A bad piggie hat for a ,title guy I work with at my job….he will love it.


And this is how far I have gotten so far… It has been ripped back at least three times already… So I am getting pretty frustrated… But I will persevere. And it will look smashing when it is finished.

So that is all for now. We are putting up the Christmas tree today, so I must get going….


YoPyr4 week twenty-one update


Early early blog post here…

Good week for fibre things….
Still knitting the green infinity scarf from last week….

Earlier in the week I finished these….


There isn’t a pattern for it, because I just made it up as I went along… Lucky that I was able to make two that are fairly similar…

On Monday… I also took on a test crochet hat pattern on a Ravelry group… And I started it and finished it this week…


I love it. It is very pretty… And the red heart unforgettable yarn really helps with its prettiness.

This week I was fortunate to attend a knit night at my local yarn shop. Mit was there that I made great headway on my green infinity scarf and the test crochet hat.

While I was there I was looking for an alpaca yarn. Different from the ones that I have the knitting with some September from the local alpaca farm! A girlfriend of mine saw the white fingerless mitts I made out of the local alpaca farm yarn and asked if I would make her a pair. naturally I said okay. This particular friend is amazing, as she deserves all the pretty things! While browsing the shop, and falling in love with all of the fiber, I found this…


It is made by diamond and is a luxury Alpaca sport blend. It is so soft! And in one evening… I was able to create these for her…


She will be getting them later today and she is so excited! The best part? Is that I was able to make them almost identical to the white pair I made earlier in the week! no pattern. Just from my head.

Anyway, that is all for now! Have a great Sunday.

YoPyr4 week nineteen & twenty


Hello and huge apologies for missing last week. I didn’t have a lot to post about and I was feeling very unmotivated in the world of blogging…

So this week will be a recount of all of my yarn lovelies of the past two weeks…


Last time I blogged, I mentioned that this cowl/infinity scarf was done… Well now it is really done… Ends woven in and everything!!

And remember that brown circle that I thought was destined to be a hat similar to the blue one I posted a picture of? Yeah… That didn’t happen… Not enough yarn… So poof!


A head band! It is cute enough…

The there are these things…


This knit cowl is amazing. I really like it….


And there is this hat… A test crochet for Justine Walley again. I love her stuff… And have made many hats for family and friends from her designs.


Then there is this cute little number… A simple headband, just darling!

So with all of this yarn-y flurry… I now have these on my needles…


The fibre is the last of the alpaca yarn I am working with for the lady at the alpaca farm… And I particularly love this one… It is soft and fuzzy. And this wee little WIP is destined to become for fingerless gloves that will match this…


And then I have this in my needles…


It will be a simple YO K2tog cowl/infinity scarf for a friend.

Whew!!! That is it! For now… Until next week 🙂

YoPyr4 week eighteen update


Hello everyone! And welcome to the other side of Halloween… Otherwise known as christmas crafting madness in my life. I am Okish for gifts, but not as far as I would like to be… Sound familiar?

However, I did finish off a few cool things this week…

Like this for my Halloween costume..


It is a wig/hat… I was a doll…. And I am pretty pleased with the way the wig/hat turned out!

I also just finished off this…


A soft and luxurious cowl, infinity scarf that looks way better in person than in this picture.

Without hesitation, I started right in to the next project with the same fibre….


A neat hat designed by Justine Walley on Ravelry…

This is her hat she originally designed. Click on the picture, And it should take you to the pattern Page on ravelry


I hope to have this hat finished off… Soon. I have other projects I would like to get to… Especially with the new year coming! I have already joined this cool event on Facebook, via the “addicted to sock knitting” group I joined. It is a knitting socks from existing stash event. More info can be found out about it HERE.

Naturally, I have my skeins of sock yarn already caked up and ready to go. The next step is to purchase some paper bags, put one skeins of pre-caked yarn in each bag, staple it up and hand the whole lot over to my hubby, who will then label each bag, January through December. I am quite excited. I think there will be a pattern available each month to use too… But I am a happy girl with my vanilla latte socks. Especially since 11 out of the 12 skeins of sock yarn I own are variegated or self-striping…. The one solid skein may be the only exception… But I may event head straight to a sock pattern by Kate Atherley that I have been dying to tackle.

Theses are my sock yarn cakes.


Come on 2015!!!