yoPyr4 week seventeen update


This week has seen a couple things finished.

Using the remainder of the yummy alpaca yarn from the hat I posted about last week, I made this cowl,


For gifts, I made to Queen Elsa wigs/hats one kind of fits me and the other one is constructed for a little girl with a size three head. There is not a specific pattern I folled… I just looked at other ones I had seen made online and winged it as best I could.



I am pretty pleased with myself.

Currently I am making myself a cabbage patch doll wig to wear to work on friday for Halloween. I will be a doll this year 🙂

Additionally I continue to work through the stash of Alpaca yarn. A few more skeins and I will be done…

Speaking of Skeins… look what I got on Saturday at the Creativ Festival!


I got a swift! Now, when I use my ball winder, it is SO MUCH EASIER!

This is a photo of the haul I got at the Creativ Festival.


It was a great outing and I am very pleased with my stash addictions additions!

One of the neatest things I have seen recently is this cowl.


And lucky me! I found a copy of it for purchase at the festival! I very rarely buy paper patterns anymore – so this was a big treat 🙂

must continue to get this day started! Lots to do…


YoPyr4 week sixteen update


Happy Sunday morning to one and all! This post will probably be short, as all I did was finish one item this week and there isn’t enough progress on anything else to photograph properly.

I finished this hat.


It is made with a wonderfully bulky alpaca yarn from the alpaca farm that I am knitting and crocheting things for. When I can afford it, I will be buying more of this specific yarn for myself. I am madly in love with it.

I am thinking that I will have lots of yarn-y goodness to photograph for next week as I will be going to the Creativ Festival next Saturday where I will be surrounded by yarn treasures and many other crafts!

I have been teasing myself by looking at Rhinebeck photos on Instagram all weekend and have made myself more excited then ever for the Creativ Festival next weekend… Even though they aren’t the exact same kind of thing… I am excited anyway.

Looking forward to catching up with other bloggers today!

YoPyr4 week fifteen update



This isn’t like me… A day late with my post. But I have a decent(ish) reason. It is thanksgiving this weekend in Canada and today is holiday Monday… And it feels like a Sunday 😉

Other than going to church, I am doing all the Sunday things… Laundry, having the boys put away their clean laundry, double checking homework assignments, having the boys set out their clothes for the week, getting lunches and snacks ready for tomorrow, enjoying the amazing quiet solitude of the house and knitting! Yep… All Sunday-type things… And it is Monday… So I am late with my post…

This week was all a flurry with birthday celebrations for my now six year old little man, and prepping for the 30+ people we had coming to our house for a thanksgiving feast on Saturday…

The beginning of the week saw my young man turn six… SIX!!! Full of confidence and ready to take on the world.

This is the cake we got him from Menchies…


It was amazing. I highly recommend it!

Then as we were having 5 or 6 kids from class come over Friday evening for a kiddie birthday party, we were also prepping veggies and other thanksgiving feast goodies.

And with all the craziness that has been this weekend, you know what I managed to do? Finish this adorable little headband with the white alpaca yarn I showed off last week.


And because today is so amazingly relaxing and quiet, I started the next project right away… Taking a break from alpaca and onto this…


It will be a lovely cowl… This cowl actually…


It is a really easy knit and not at all mind numbing… Great for mindless knitting… Which I sometimes need, when life gets too busy…

YoPyr4 week fourteen update


I managed to get a couple of things finished this week! I am super happy about that 😉

These fingerless mitts…


They are quite lovely and I imagine will be quite warm!

Then there is this cowl…


I love it. The pattern is super easy and the yarn is super warm! And these chilly October days make me think more and more about cozy warm knits!

Last night I cast on this…


It will be a gift for a girl that OWNS the Alpaca that yarn came from so cool…

But that is all I am afraid. I must get my butt in gear to make quick projects for this craft fair I want to join up for… Thank goodness next weekend is a long weekend here in Canada… It is our thanksgiving… So I am thinking I will get some good knitting time in… Fingers crossed!