YoP3 update!

Welcome to my update for this week! I am still figuring out WordPress… So bear with me… I have yet to upload the Year Of Projects photo on my iPad for these blog entries while using the WordPress app.

I only worked on one project this week! Can you believe it? I am/was so determined to finish this amazing Cardi that focused on nothing else knitting related…


The amazingly simple pattern can be found on Ravelry here

I am thinking that my determination needs to set its sights on the black and grey wrap of doom, so that I can get it out of my WIP pile and onto my list of FOs. And free up the needles!! I have even been contemplating frogging the whole damn thing and making it similar to the delicious Whisper…


Ya’ know? As I set this doomish article up to photograph… I found myself resenting it… I think I know what I have to do “rip-it… rip-it”. Yes… It is destined for frogging…. Damn.

Wish me luck!



WIP Wednesday!

Hello bloggers!

Today I find myself with only ONE project on the go! Except the black and grey sweater of doom, which I am considering bringing out of timeout after this current project is finished…

Onto the current loveliness!


This is my Whisper Cardi… The right front, right sleeve and back is finished. The left front and left sleeve is all that remains. I am quite optimistic that it will be on the finished list by Friday… Pretty clear calendar tomorrow and knitting is all that I have planned 😉 naturally, that could change in a heartbeat…. Time will tell.

Fleece Artist is the creator of this fabulous fibre that I am using to make the Whisper Cardi… I have had it in my stash a while but I think the type of fibre it is, is “Goldiehair”. Don’t quote me on that though…

Must get back to working on it though… And watching Big Brother 15…


Week three for YoP3


After having more difficulties with my blog site, I have joined the WordPress community!  Continue reading to see how my YoP3 projects made out this week!



Week three for YoP3…

I have tried to add a couple photos on past blog posts, but was unsuccessful.  So to catch up, here is a picture of the socks I made…


Earlier this week started and finished a baby cardigan…


Now I am onto my WHISPER sweater… which I am so looking forward to completing for I can wear it!

This is the picture included with the pattern…



And this is what mine looks like… so far…


I am finished the right front panel and an working along the back.  I am about 3 inches in from 20 along the back, then I will have the left panel and sleeves to do.  I am really optamistic that I will be completed by next weekend. 

I find projects I coming along quite quickly now that I am off for the summer!