April 27th, 2014 YoP update (what a week!)


Where did this past week go? I feel like I say a variation of this phrase every week… But seriously… What happened? I always know when I have had a busy week when my gas tank light comes on before it’s regular time – Usually I can get about a weeks worth of driving from a tank of gas… Since last fill up, it has only been 5 days, and I will be filling up today. And unfortunately for me, the price of gas is stupid right now.

So other than an abnormally busy life on the mommy and day to day life side, my knitting and crocheting life has been pretty exciting too…

Last week I showed my finished sweater! And have worn it three times since 😉

After last weeks blog post, on Sunday afternoon, I made these…



These were the last two projects I needed to complete for Nerd Wars on Ravelry. The three month competition ends tomorrow and I am proud to announce that I completed every challenge in every round! This being my first time participating, I wasn’t sure that I would…

Anyway… I can also share two other hats that I tested, they were published on the ScatteredDhalias ravelry store this week. (Check out last weeks post for links to the Rav page)



Yesterday was the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto. Put on by the Downtown Knit Collective. It is a workshop and vendors fair. People come from far and wide to attend it and there is always such a wonderful turn out. I went mid afternoon yesterday before the vendors marketplace closed at 4:30. I went looking for two things specifically. A yarn bowl and a t-shirt… What I affectionately call “Knitters Apparel”. I struck out the with t-shirt but did find the loveliest of yarn bowls. And obviously I found other stash additions…


I feel quite happy with my purchases. And can hardly wait to share what I make with them in the coming months.

One thing I can leave you with is this fetching wip I am currently working on… It will be a sweater for my friends new baby. I love love LOVE the yarn and the pattern is pretty awesome too!



Looking forward to reading other blogs today while I continue to knit this sweater!


April 20th, 2014 YoP update and 52 weeks of granny!




Good morning and Happy Easter to those celebrating!

This has been quite the week!

Three of the test crochets I did ages ago were published and I can now show you them!




These three hats are fun to make. And Justine from scattered Dahlias created them all! You can find her patterns on ravelry here

I also FINISHED my sweater! So excited! I even wore it to church this morning and got lovely compliments 😉

Here are a few photos of its created journey this week…




I love it! So. Much.

I am so excited to wear it to the Knitters Frolic in Toronto next Saturday!

I also wiped up three of these last night –


They are mini dish cloths. Quick circle granny-square style finishes to meet the need of he quick completion bug (and they should satisfy a challenge in nerd wars on ravelry!)

Must go. Easter lunch is about to begin!

Sunday, April 13th, 2014 YoP update


Happy Sunday morning one and all!

Today’s update is not full of FO’s but rather little girl giddiness and excitement that I am but 80 or so rows away from casting off my sleeves of my sweater!

Using the same idea as two at a time socks (where you knit both socks at once on a long circular needle) I am making both sleeves at the same time… So I can be certain that they will be the same length!


Here is a not so exciting photo of the sleeves, to give you an idea of the detail on them. The 11 stitch pattern repeat that was done for the entire body of the cardigan, runs right up the centre of the sleeves… The stitch markers help to tell me where to do the pattern 🙂

I am confident this will be a finished object by this time next week, and with any kind of luck I will have “fashion show” photos to share 😉

Remember last week when I showed a part of a test item I made? Well it just so happens the designer is amazing and has given me permission to show all of it.



Here she is! My version of Rose Burrow…. Originally created by the ever so talented Ruth from My Spare Moments. You can find her on ravelry too…. Fairywool is here handle.

Being highly critical of myself I am not loving the fact that I did not get the head of my Rose as round as the original version… But I am quite in love with it anyway.

Anyway… If I am to get these next 80 rows done, I should get off line…

Sunday, April 6th, 2014 YoP update

Welcome back! Here we are again!


These weeks appear to be going by faster and faster and FASTER!

I often find myself engaged in conversations reflective of this e-card these days,



Does anyone else have this luxury? I find it hilarious personally.

Anyway… On towhy you are really here…. My progress…

I did finish a project yesterday, but since it is a test pattern, I am still waiting for permission from the designer to post it on this blog. But I can give you a teaser.


Also, I am making awesome progress on my flippant sweater. With 2 weeks to go, I need to focus on just that (said no knitter EVER!). It sounds crazy, but I am going to try..



I love visiting all kinds of other blogs on sundays, so I am off to do that again now!

Happy knitting and crocheting! >