YoPyr4 week nine update


Good afternoon one and all!

I am home and well rested from an awesome week on St Maarten!

The family and I had a great time. And what is better? I got some knitting done. And I have FINISHES to show.

First off… These…


Quick and easy crochet slippers… To go towards the slowly accumulating pile if crafty things for Christmas bazaar season.

And this… A Lovely luxurious alpaca yarn cowl!


It is made from yarn from a local(ish) alpaca farm in Ontario! I am making a few different items for the farm owner to sell at her shop. Apparently she has a higher demand for already made items, than skeins of the luxurious yarn!

I have started another project with this yarn and will likely finish it in the next day or so… So stay tuned!


YoPyr4 week eight update


Not much to update, other than I finished my socks! And I have worn them a couple times already!



So I am happy that I got them off me needles!

While crazily packing for vaycay, I also made this…



It is a crocheted cowl/hat. I like them very much. I am trying to make some for a craft bazaar I will be in, in early December…

And remember the crazy thought of me making winter hats while on vaycay?
I rethought this when I received these…



I have been asked to make some knitted items from these lovely skeins for the lady who owns the alpacas to sell at her shop (on her alpaca farm). I will be paid for me time in skeins of alpaca yarn! Everybody wins 😉

So that is it for this week. As I finish writing this post from my hotel room, let me leave you with a couple of pics!


These boys of mine are just chillin’!!


YoPyr4 week seven update

Such a busy non-knitting week. No finishes… Just some progress on the second pair of socks. I WILL finish them In The next day or so…. I have to… I want them OFF my needles before I go on vaycay next Saturday…. Going to st Maarten and probably going to take winter hat knitting… Kind of backwards huh?

Anyway… Here is my progress…


Must go read other blogs!

YoPyr4 week six update


This week has been busy and productive in the knit and crochet front…

Made another hat… This time a minion hat… And I sold it right away. A good friend often contacted me on Facebook and wanted it. And I am about to cost on another toothless hat… This time to fit an adult… And I will be posting it to Nova Scotia.


I also made a dishcloth and a doll blanket using the corner to corner technique – I am messing with a couple of ideas to have this style of dishcloth at my craft bazaar table in December… Ironically… My sister in law wants a bunch too…



Lastly I had to make a hat for me… A bought this amazing skein on NORO Kirara yarn a while ago and it was calling me from the depths on my yarn stash… It wanted to be a slouchie beanie to add to my collection in the fall…. I can hardly wait to wear it proudly! I love the way it turned out.



Progress is coming a long steady on my second pair of socks… And I have motivation to finish them sooner rather than later because I want to start that toothless hat! As well as many other yummy projects I have I waiting… More minion slippers… They are in demand actually…


I must go settle in an continue on those socks! Have a lovely evening…

YoPyr4 week five update


Wow… Week five! Crazy.

I have great YoP accomplishments this week!

Just take a look!


These two hats are for my sons, for this winter.


This one is for my younger son… There is not a pattern for it… I saw a picture of a crocheted version online and i kind of winged it from there…

The character is “toothless” the ‘night fury’ dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon 2 movie.


This one it for my older son. And would you believe it is crochet! It is a free pattern by Bernat… ‘Ribbed Hat’ for crochet and it is a men’s hat.

It is quite thick and warm. He needed something a little more mature and trendy this year as he is headed into Grade 7 (OMG)

And lastly I did these little slippers… Nothing special. Just toddler slippers.


Looking ahead, I hope to finish the other pair of vanilla latte slippers this week and start the soles to some ballet flat slippers (pattern by coco knits)

Happy Sunday one and all!