YoP year 5 WEEK FOUR

A little more of a productive week this week!  

I finished the minions slippers 😉 

Bob is super cute, and my friends relative LOVED them…. Always a bonus.

Then I received notification that the test knit I was working on is live 😉

So here are a couple pics of my journey in its creation… And please follow this LINK to find the pattern on ravelry! 

Such a fun and easy knit! 
Happy Sunday one and all! 


6 thoughts on “YoP year 5 WEEK FOUR

  1. I was thinking, “Wow, that knit looks a lot like Ruth’s on her blog this week”. Then I checked out the link and see it is her design Love your colors. I love how versatile that stitch is – depending on what yarns are used. I love the pink and gray!

  2. Love the minion slippers, they are so cute! Isn’t it always great when the item is loved when received, that’s just always the icing on the cake. Love your Cosán colours, they are just so perfect together. I think grey is great like that compliments everything.

  3. The minion slippers and cowl both turned out great! How fun to knit a test knit for a designer. I really like the colors you chose. My guess is you’ll get a lot of wear out of it.

  4. Good job on the test knit for Ruth. Love the way the colors go together. I am so envious of the minion slippers. I so want to do a pair but just don’t have the time to add another project onto my list. Maybe next year.

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