YoPyr4 final update…. AND THE BIG REVEAL!!! 

So this week has been a whirlwind of activity.  I have managed to get some knitting and crocheting done… But no FOs. Not exactly the way I wanted to end of year four… But it is what it is… 

However, here is the exciting news… I have a YoPyr5 list ready to go!!! With patterns and everything!!!  I even managed to assign categories…. I am hoping that this organization will keep me focused 🙂

So here it goes… 



Edie infinity scarf

Wee envelope sweater

Linnie baby sweater

Baby Surprise Jacket 

Seamless baby hooded pullover 

Minions slippers 

grannie slippers  

Bootie socks for babies


African flower hexies for stockings


Summer in Provence cowl and hat (This is a WIP that was put in the back burner)

Crocheted moccasins

Vanilla latte socks

Simple summer socks 

Lacey poncho (this is a WIP that was put on the back burner)

TEST KNITTING (who for) 

Celticknits  The link takes you straight to the Ravlery group… It is run by a fellow YoP participant!!! 
I am looking forward reading up on other lists posted by other bloggers!!! 

Have a terrific Sunday!  


YoPyr4 update… Week 50!

just a quick post to let all readers know that I am working diligently on a test crochet and thinking about next year… What kinds of projects… Etc. 

I am thinking I may have to be a little more disciplined this year and make a more consise list… Not so loose-goosy.  When I am more strict with myself, I am more productive 😉

Any suggestions on what projects to work on or different strategies for staying on task would be more than welcome! 

YoPyr4 update… Week…. 49? 


So since this pattern is live on Ravelry now… Found HERE … I think I can share photos of the test knit I did for Ruth at Celtic Knits


They were a dream to make!  Ruth did a great job creating this pattern 😃

This week I finished a hat I have been working on for a bit too… It is for the dad of a girl that is in the same TaeKwonDo class as my two boys.  

He has been seeing its progress… As I work on it while watching the boys in class… And from anything I can tell, is pretty excited about it. 

  (This handsome head model is my teenager 😃)

This week I also started a test crochet for another gal on ravelry… This is what I can show you for now.  I am looking forward to this being done so I can wear it!! 

Not much progress on the zombie squirrel… Needs to be worked on again I know… But I had some loose ends to tie up with other things… So my WIP pile wouldn’t get too out of control. 

On another note… I found these today while running errands at Walmart with my boys… 

Aren’t they adorable?? 

I got a few of them for coworkers too 😉

YoPyr4 update… Almost there…

This is the 5th last Sunday of yr 4!! 


This week saw some YoP items tackled…

I started a zombie squirrel…


And a hat for a fellow at the TKD school my boys attend regularly… It won’t take much longer I hope…  

There were many other diversions that took me away from my knitting this week though… 

  (Sorry for the fuzzy photo) the wee one (6 yrs old) got his ear pierced…
The older one and I took this awesome selfie before school one day…


  And then there was this early start to my saturday yesterday….

The younger son tested for his green belt in TaeKwonDo.  

He is now attending the kids advanced classes and is headed for great things.  The older one is too… But he has always been motivated… But the younger one… Not so much.  There was a time where I was worried he was going to drop taking TaeKwonDo altogether… But he has finally come around 😉




So with all the business… This photo only makes sense… Sunday morning chill time with his cousin… 


So that is all for now… I hope you have a great week!