YoP year five week 14 update. 

I am so happy that I have been able to slide off a bit of time to write this post.  

Good, therapeutic, uninterrupted knitting time has been literally non-existent… So I don’t even have any FO’s or even progress shots to show… Sad really.  I need to work on slicing off a little more knitting time… Christmas is around the corner and I have many wonderful projects I want to start rattling around in my head… But that is as far as it goes… 

However, I did have a bit of an adventure today.  My friend and I headed north to an alpaca farm in Markdale Ontario.  It is kind of near Collingwood…. Kind of.   The farm is called Kickin’ Back Alpaca Ranch. My friend an I had a blast meeting with the owner and having her tour us around.  Some of the items I made last fall were for this lady… She gave my yarn spun at the mill, made from the fibre sheared from here Alpacas.  What a neat treat to meet these adorable animals in person 😉

Here is a photo montage of some of my favourite pics of the day.


This male alpaca was not a fan of being approached… But the owner made it happen 😉

This little fella looks as though he is saying… “Hello?  When can I come outta here?”

This lovely lady was so relaxed… She let us approach her and take really nice pictures.

This picture is just too cute for words.

This Cria (alpaca baby) is deaf.  When white alpacas are born with blue eyes, it is almost 100% guaranteed they will have no hearing.  One of many very interesting facts learned today.

My up close and personal moment with this little fella. Perfect photo to reflect a perfect day! 


5 thoughts on “YoP year five week 14 update. 

  1. I enjoyed the pictures. I almost feel like I was there. Almost. ;^) And what an interesting thing to know…that a blue-eyed lama is likely deaf. And yes…that last picture is perfect. :^)

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