Sunday, June 29th, 2014 – YoP yr 3 round up.


So this is it. Year three is finished! Where did the time go…

As I spent the last week reflecting on what I did, I found myself making some photo collages to best show my pieces of work over the past 52 weeks.

So many projects! Some big and some small… Some for me… Many for others. And some great de-stashing!

Here is what I have done…








Not too bad I think!

I have recently written a page outlining my plan for YoPyr4. You can find it here. Or just find YoPyr4 on the top of this blog. I love that fact that I have a semi-plan established this year…. Hopefully will make things run fairly smooth, and help guide me when I just want to knit or crochet everything all at once!

I will also use this banner for year four.


I like to change it up every now and again… Keeps it fresh!

Now I must go and read some other blogs… Have a good day!


Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 YoP update

Wow. We are at the end of the road!


Not too much to report this week… Just this 😉


Gave this darling little empire waist crochet tutu dress to my youngest niece today for her birthday! She LOVED it. Here is a pic of here wearing it!


My sister in law reports we will likely ask to wear it everyday after daycare for the next week 😉

I love how good kids can make you feel.

I did also manage to snap a shot of me participating in World Wide Knit (crochet) in Public week. This photo was taken while riding the ZooMobile at the Metro Toronto Zoo just yesterday.


Stay tuned next week when I attempt a photo montage of the projects of the last year.

Take care,

Sunday, June 15th, 2014 YoP update

Wow… Two more weeks after this until year three is all over! I can hardly believe it.


Time to report again! And whereas I did work diligently on a sweater for my friends daughter most of this week… I ran into a couple of diversions…


These slippers were so fun to make. The longest part if them were knitting the soles. I made them two at a time, so that I could assure they be the exact same length 😉

They were given yesterday to a lovely woman that has been working with my older son on Saturdays in an enrichment academic program that he has attended all year

Then I made this.


This cheeky little monkey finds mischief everywhere! He was quick and fun to make!


That is it about it for this week though… Don’t forget that it is World Wide Knit In Public Week! Get out and create EVERYWHERE!


Sunday, June 8th, 2014 YoP update

Good morning!


This was a “I want to knit ALL OF IT” kind if week for me. I currently have 4 WIPS on the go that I am paying attention to… And there is a reason for this… Nerd Wars (on ravelry) started last Sunday! I have submitted two projects this week… The baby sweaters I finished last Sunday ( there is one challenge that you are allowed to have started it before the start day of the competition). And the a pair of minion slippers for my younger son! That are pretty Stinkin’ cute! See?


I have two projects left to go (both of which I think I now what I am doing, but still not 100% sure). As well as a charitable challenge of some kind… Which I will fulfill today at the “walk now for Autism Speaks” walk in downtown Toronto. And the dissertation… The project that can be done over three the months of the Nerd Wars competition.

I will like be submitting a proposal that I do two pairs of socks. Two TOP DOWN socks with a heel flap. In the past,I have only done toe up socks with short row heels. So these two pairs of socks are to take me out of my comfort zone in many ways.

Because when you submit a dissertation, you have to show photos of swatches of your planned project, I found out that you can submit cuffs of socks as swatches. So I got around to doing these swatches/cuffs this week.



I will use the same pattern for both socks – the Vanilla Latte sock pattern on Ravelry. They are top down with heel flap 🙂

Other than that… There is not much else to report…. Other than I am thinking that my YoPyr4 list for me will will consist of 3 to 5 pairs of socks… 15 or so pairs of slippers, a sweater for myself, sweaters for my nieces, zombie squirrels for my sons, charting a design for simple beanies for the folks at my sons’ TaeKwonDo school, plus many last minute add ons I am sure.

Have fun, be safe and keep knitting and crocheting this week.

Sunday, June 1st, 2014 YoP update

Crazy that I just wrote JUNE 1st in the date!


So, I didn’t commit any pans to paper this week… But I did get two baby sweaters created…


And I did a quick test pattern, for a gal in the UK… She likes to make dress up clothes and photo prop outfits for babies and baby photographers… I did a donkey (“eeyore”) test…

With no wee ones of my own anymore… I improvised…



Today is the first day of tournament 11 of nerd wars on ravelry… And I entered again… The start of YoPyr4 coincides nicely too.

Anyway… Must run off to catch up with other bloggers!