it is Test Knit Tuesday!


It appears to be that time again! Test Knit Tuesday!

Since beginning this ‘theme’ a week ago, I have finished two of the test knits (crochets) that I was working on for ScatteredDahlias Patterns. Here are zoomed in teaser pics of the tests.



I have completed three other tests for this group in addition to the two photo-teased above, and I am working on another one – which should be done by the end of the month (so by Saturday).

On the Scarttered Dahlias page, the tests are ALL crochet and ALL hats. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hats… and crocheting them, has been a lot of fun.

Way back when I was 15, I learned to crochet by watching ladies at a weekend retreat make granny square butterflies. I made a few… then explored other things that could be made… I never did anything exotic or challenging… until this group… and as these patterns get published I will be able to show you what I mean.

I can show one pattern photo… I may have shown it last week but I am pretty pleased with it (and this test has been published) …


My project page for this beanie is HERE and the pattern used is on there. This has been the simplest of test projects I have done… many of the other tests have had Cabling in them. CABLING! in CROCHETING!!! if you had asked me two months ago if I would ever do Cabling in Crocheting I probably would have looked at you like you were crazy…

But the same can be said about testing… if you had asked me a year ago it I every thought I would test knit/crochet… I would have either pretended not to have heard you… or laughed nervously…

Amazing how time changes things…

Must go plug away at the newest test I am working on…

Happy creating one and all!


November 24th 2013 YoP update

Let’s see… Finished two test knits… Of which I can’t show you… Yet.

Other than that… On a whim… I made this…

It is a princess crown for my younger niece. She turns 4 in a couple of weeks. It is her I will be making the sweater I posted about last week as well… My goal is to get on that this up coming week.

I completed one of the mitts for my brother and have just finished the cuff for the other one.


This is a photo of my hand with the finger and thumb tips peeping through.

Because of the test knits… These are the only two photos I can show you at the moment.

Lots of great ideas rumbling around in my head… Just need to knit and crochet faster so I can get to them into action.

Have a happy week everyone!

Test Knit Tuesdays – an introduction


Good morning!

During my regular Wednesday morning routine today, I found myself reflecting on all the knitting and crocheting projects I have accomplished is year.

The ravelry group A Year of Projects blog-a-long Has been a significant motivator for my productivity, and the amazing world of test knitting/crocheting has been a huge motivation. This blog post tells the story of the test knitting/crocheting journey… Thus far.

Over this past summer, I stumbled on a tweet from a knitter that I follow and she was looking for a person to test crochet a pattern for her. I messaged her promptly inquiring about it and quickly a new obsession was born. Over the summer I test crochet that pattern, and two other knit patterns, for two different designers. One for a designer in Ireland and one for a local designer here in Toronto, Ontario…

I have fallen for this so hard that I even belong to test knit groups on ravelry…. Rachel Richardson Test Knits (the Ireland designer) and ScatteredDahlias Patterns. If you have ever wondered about test knitting or crocheting I highly recommend it.

Also, if you check out my other blog posts you will see lots of the patterns items I have tested since the summer.

By now you have probably wondered why the above graphic says “Test Knit Tuesdays”… And today is Wednesday! Well… Let me explain… I think I have decided to begin a semi-regular blogging instalment called “Test Knit Tuesdays”… Which from now on will take place on… You guessed it… Tuesdays.

I will still blog about the items In my year of projects posts… But likely go into more detailed accounts on Tuesdays.

Happy Wednesday!

November 17th 2013 YoP update

Hello again!

I am very excited to show you the full photo of a test knit I did a short while ago! It went “live” on ravelry this week… So I can properly share it with you!


It was a very fun crochet project! You can find more information about it HERE

I also started and finished my sisters fingerless mitts… I am feeling quite accomplished with that. Tiny little needles… Thinner yarn than what I am used to… But all the stick-with-it-ness necessary to get them finished!


You can find more information about them HERE.

I am also working on mitts for my brother… They are called Igor Mitts. They are PERFECT for the tech-y guy (or gal) in your life. Here is all I have done of them right now…


Not very exciting… Yet… But here is a link to the FREE pattern on Ravelry..

Lastly… I signed up for another crochet pattern test…. And here is a “teaser pic”.


I swore to myself that I wouldn’t do a other of these before Christmas… But this one popped up on a group I follow and it screamed perfection for a gift for my mom for her birthday, which is tragically 3 days before Christmas.

Before I leave you for yet another week… Once the above WIPS are finished, I have a plan to make this sweater for my neice….


Her fourth birthday is two weeks before Christmas, so whereas I would LOVE to have it complete for her b-day… I do appear to have a flexible time frame of b-day and/or Christmas. The pattern for this sweater can be found HERE.

Have a great week everyone!

November 10th 2013 YoP update

Good Morning!

Many photos in this blog post today! (You have been warned!)

When I last blogged I left you with the beginning of one of the teacher gifts i started…. Since then there has been MUCH more productivity. That infinity cowl/scarf got completed, as did a toque for my younger sons male teacher, AND the last infinity cowl/scarf got cast on and cast off!

During the course of the week… I also signed up for a (yet another) test crochet. I will give you a teaser photo of it too… And like the other two, will post a whole photo when I am “Allowed”.

In the interest if getting immediate family gifts done, I will be NOT signing on for another test knit/crochet until the family knitting is complete…. I have a few things on my list that I want to do… I just need to out it into action. The sisters fingerless mitts are most definitely next…. Even though I said that last week… I seriously mean it this time 🙂

Anyway… I promised photos… So here we go!


This is the infinity cowl/scarf I started last weekend. It is VERY soft.


This is the toque. It will be nice and warm!


This is the final teacher gift…. Yet another infinity cowl/scarf…

The female teachers are all getting a similar article and the male the toque. And whe you put them altogether….


You have this amazing pile of cozy knits for more-than-deserving teachers!

Now for the sneak peak of the test crochet I am working on… I anticipate being completed this by tonight or tomorrow…


It is quite Lacey for crochet…. Always pushing my comfort zone… I love it….

I am starting to set my sights on what I am going to make for MYSELF when all of the Christmas knitting is complete. And I think I have found a sweater that I want to attempt.


It is this one… I really like the look of it…. It is from Knitty and it is called FLIPPANT…. My goal is to have it completed by the end of MARCH 2014 so that I can wear it to the 2014 Knitters Frolic in Toronto.

Anyway… My family and I are on our way to church…. Happy Sunday everyone!

November 3rd 2013 YoP update

So remember how last week I mentioned that I would work on a pair of fingerless mitts for my sister after I finished a couple of test slouchy/beanies? Mmmm… Me too… Never happened… I finished the two hats…

Sneak Peaks…



(Like previous test knits I have done, I will post much more about these two once they go “live”)

Then today I went to a YarnTasting at my LYS Creative Yarns .
The group of us were testing a bunch of new yarns brought out by the Estelle yarn Company… And 2.5 hours later I walked away with this…


12 different kinds and weights of yarn… And we had to ‘rate’ them and comment about them… Almost like a focus group… Then we were given a nice door prize… Obviously fibre related… Which I will feature in another blog entry once I knit it up 😉

However… I did leave with “ALCAZAR”. A quick and chunky fibre that is currently on my needles for a cowl for my younger son’s teacher for Christmas.

This is what it looks like so far…


So my sisters fingerless mitts will get cast on soon… Although I do have a couple more items to knit for teachers… And now something to make for my brother… And my mother… And as always… The list of people grows and grows *sigh*

Happy Sunday one and all!