YoP year five – week six

Well this week flew by… And only four weeks left of summer vaycay!  I am looking forward to it actually… I landed a permanent job in the school board I work for and can hardly wait to start! 

But onto the knitting and crocheting… 

I started and finished a cute little baby sweater….  My project page for it on ravelry can be found HERE.

It is an open front baby sweater. I made the newborn size… But it may fit babies a little bigger than that…

I continued work on the Rose city rollers socks too. Only another 3/4 of an inch knit though… These will not take a whole lot longer I hope.

Intermittent with these socks I am thinking I am going to continue making hexagons for the second stocking… That way that task can be done too. 

So here is where I am so far with my YoP list 


Edie infinity scarf

Wee envelope sweater

Snug as a ladybug sweater COMPLETED August 8th, 2015

Linnie baby sweater

Baby Surprise Jacket 

Seamless baby hooded pullover 

Minions slippers  COMPLETED mid-July 2015

grannie slippers  

Bootie socks for babies


African flower hexies for stockings – ONE DOWN… ONE TO GO!!


Summer in Provence cowl and hat (This is a WIP that was put in the back burner)

Crocheted moccasins

Vanilla latte socks

Rose city rollers socks -WIP

Lacey poncho (this is a WIP that was put on the back burner)

TEST KNITTING (who for) 

Celticknits – It is run by a fellow YoP participant!!! 

FIRST test knit –> complete in July 2015.  Project page is HERE
That is it for now!  Looking forward to other posts from other YoP participants! 


9 thoughts on “YoP year five – week six

  1. Congrats on the new job, how exciting and something to look forward to and get stuck into. The baby sweater is just so cute well done on the finish and looking forward to seeing more hex’s for the stockings.

  2. The baby sweater is adorable. Baby knits are so satisfying I think being such quick knits. Looking forward to seeing those socks completed – love that yarn!

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