February 23rd, 2014 YoP update and 52 Weeks of granny

Good Morning! Before I continue on with my regular weekly update, I must post this in honour of the gold medal game that are awesome team Canada is currently playing against Sweden.





This week was pretty awesome for finishes on projects.

I completed another crochet hat test… Which I will show when it is published.

One of the previously completed hats did get published and this is a not-so-great picture of it.


It is a convertible hat. The draw string get closed at the top – it is a hat. Undo the draw string and it is a cowl! HERE is the link to he designers’ pattern on ravelry.

Let’s see… I also finished this hat…


And it satisfied a challenge requirement on Nerd Wars!

I finished this…


It is another quick, yarn saving cowl. And it looks so luxurious in real life!

I learned to arm knit yesterday, and made this.


And my biggest accomplishment this week you ask? The tree skirt is finished!




I am so very much in love with the tree skirt. My sister in law has been following its progress on Facebook and Instagram, as it is for her… She is over the moon excited.

So now, I have recently cast on two more projects.

One is a baby sweater for my friend who had her first child last weekend. And since it is literally just cast on, I have not gotten any photos yet.

The bottom edge of the sweater I am making for my dissertation is finished and I have done the first pattern row, but am convinced I have already made a mistake, and will have to go through the 227 stitches to find it.

Unfortunately I am not a slight and skinny individual, so making sweaters is a real undertaking, and making a mistake in the very first pattern row is not a good sign… But I am staying positive. I will let you know how it goes next week.

Happy Sunday,



February 16th, 2014 YoP and 52 weeks of granny…



Sunday again?!? Ironically I have not yet gone to bed from it being Saturday night, but I am awake and it is past midnight, so early Sunday morning it is 🙂

This week I really started to sink my teeth into this nerd wars thing on Ravelry. I have submitted two projects – the anti bac holder from last week and this cute little ice pack/heat compress cozy…


And my dissertation was approved. Basically that means I have been approved to do a slightly larger project over three months. And it will be the Flippant sweater from Knitty’s Deep Fall 2013 for myself 😉




The pile of caked yarn is what I will make it with and I have also included a picture of my swatch. I am in love with it!

The most exciting news though is the progress of the tree skirt! All of the granny squares are done and I am on the edging. I am 10 rows from being finished.

What do you think?


That just about does it though! Happy Sunday!

February 9th YoP update and 52 weeks of granny…



Not huge gains this week… Finished off both of the test crochet hats I mentioned last week… Will post pics when the patterns are published!

I did manage this cute little thing…


It is a hand sanitizer holder for bath and body works hand sanitizer bottles. It will go every where with me, attached to my purse or back pack.

And I made another granny square for the tree skirt….


And I made a head band and booties to go with a skirt I made ages ago for a gift for the baby of a friend of mine.


The hand sanitizer holder is for one of the categories on nerd wars over on ravelry… One down… Four to go. I am optimistic that I will “dwarf the nebula”… I am motivated.

Happy Sunday!

February 2nd, 2014 YoP update and 52 weeks of a granny!



Happy super bowl Sunday everyone… As I try and get through this day, there just appears to be so many things to do, hence why this post is late… So very late in the day…

Not a hugely exciting week for completions…

I finished this,

And that is about all.

I have plugged away on the shawl I started last week, worked diligently through two test crochet hats and cast on a quick cowl for a friend whose b-day was yesterday. She will love it, regardless of my tardiness 😉

I didn’t look at my tree skirt at all this week and it sits by my knitting spit in my room, looking at me… Making me feel guilty… It will get love again soon…. Just have to wait a little bit is all…

One thing I can share is a hat that I made a wee bit ago, that was a test crochet and the pattern went live this week….


I love it so much, I am wearing it now!

One thing I did do though… With much coaxing from a fellow raveler, blogger, knitter, friend…. I signed up for Nerd Wars… And I think I have the projects lined up for this month…. Lots of contemplation and anxiety, but I have got a list I am happy with. All will be revealed over the next few weeks.

Must go continue crafting and settle into my Sunday night routine…