Sunday, May 25th, 2014 YoP post


Happy Sunday! What a busy-ish week for me. Nothing spectacular, just lots of working and fibre-y goodness. Got to check out another yarn shop in Toronto and was very over whelmed. Next time I will go with a plan and pattern in mind, so that I don’t wander around like a deer caught in the head lights.

I have made three pairs of more slippers, using the same pattern as the one photoed here last week… Only they had to be for smaller feet… So that was a bit of a challenge. I think I did ok though…




I also changed my mind on the sweater I started for my girlfriends daughter. I don’t know why I thought white would be a good idea. But I found this pattern for a relatively quick top-Down knit here. Apparently it is the popular knit right now, and naturally I am following suit. I should have pics of my version next week… But for now. Here is a pic if the one from the website.


And lastly I have pretty much decided that I should make cute little sweaters for two impending babies at the church. They will each get a cute little blanket bunny (featured here last week) and a sweater – and likely some booties. This sweater is pretty straight forward. It is literally two hexagon shaped granny “squares” sewn together at the back and Along the top of the sleeves. I will put a coordinating neck trim, button band and bottom trim on it when I have sewn the two pieces together.

The one pictured below is just one I found on the internet.


My plan for next week is to have some more items to show, but also a plan in place for YoPyr4. I have a few ideas… But once I say it out loud… And put it out there, I am more motivated to make my ideas become reality.

Have a good week everyone!


Sunday, May 18th, 2014 YoP update.


Lots happening here these days and I am working hard to stay on top of it all!

In non-knitting news, my older son turned 12 this past Wednesday… He is turning into such a wonderful young man. He amazes me daily.

A few weeks ago I made a startling discovery… He is officially taller than me… And I am not short!


The photo is a little blurry, but you get the idea…

Anyway… Onto why you are here… My creations for the week…

Last Sunday, I talked briefly about beginning some blanket bunny buddies. Well they are better than begun… I finished three of them!



They are fast and easy. And the yarn is “Baby Blanket” by Bernat. It is very squishy. I love it. And since it is chunky, it knits up fast!

The pattern is by lion brand… It also has a crochet version too I think.

I also started and finished some neat slippers for my sister for her birthday in a few weeks. They are essentially granny squares, with a crocheted bottom.

The pattern is also by bernat, called Super Value Granny Slippers.


So now with these little projects out if the way, I am starting work on a cute tank top for my friends daughter for her birthday in July.

It will look like this (but in white)…


And it can be found in this book.


I highly recommend finding this book in your local library if you can… Like I did last weekend!

Speaking if weekend, I must get back to mine… The boys are about to have an altercation… My spidey-senses are tingling…


May 11th, 2014 YoP update


Happy Mothers Day!


This week saw me finish off a couple of WIPS, so I am now working on a couple of cute “blanket buddies” with Bernat Baby Blanket yarn. Loving these quick knits!

Here is what I finished though…


These slippers for my oldest niece – for her birthday!


This darling dress for my youngest niece, for her birthday!


And this cute little slouchie hat is crocheted for a test pattern…


And today… I added these lovelies to my stash! They are other colour ways for the yarn I used for the baby sweater I wrote about last week.

As I set off to go to bed, let me leave you with this…


Have you ever wondered what happens when a knitter takes her youngest son to the library? THIS! I have my work cut out for me the next few weeks, as i flip through the pages and make lovely plans for future projects!

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, May 4th, 2004 YoP update

It is the very wee hours in the morning here in Toronto, but I thought that I would post early…

I finished a real cute little number just this evening…


The pattern for the sweater can be found HERE.

This is a baby cardigan sweater for a friends baby that I will be meeting for the first time this up coming Thursday… I am pretty excited to meet him.

In slightly related news, I started a new Ravelry Group this past week. For those of you that live In The Toronto area, and/or plan on attending next years Knitters Frolic… I strongly encourage you to join it!


Click on the cute Sheep Graphic to get to the group page and learn more about it.

Happy Sunday everyone!