October 27th, 2013 YoP update

I have some pretty exciting stuff to share in regards to knitting this week!

One of the test knits I worked on the summer was published on Ravelry this week! So I was able to link my project page to this pattern. And this is a picture of the test knit I did (which you will see as a featured image on the pattern page!!)


This amazing pattern was created by the fabulous Kate Atherley. She is a local knitter, teacher and pattern creator/editor In the Toronto area.

I also finished the hat/scarf/mitt set for my niece. You can find lots of the project info on that set HERE

Here is picture of the whole set…


I am now 25% of the way finished a test knit/crochet for a designer on ravelry. She has a goal to write 100 beanie/slouchy hat patterns in a year. It is pretty neat. You can find her group here

Next up will be another beanie test for the group mentioned above, then my sister fell in love with the fingerless mitts pictured above (not the ones from the set, but the text knit ones) and has kindly asked that a pair of those in grey be made for her. Naturally I said sure.

I must comment about these test knits I have done – even though my YOP progress does not appear clearly laid out, I have been accomplishing and gaining much more than the garments made this year. These test knits and crochet projects often have pattern elements that I under normal circumstances would not have attempted or delved into… But the upside, doing all of these tests, is making me a better knitter and crocheter. For that I am thankful and am encouraged.

Must get to bed as tomorrow/today is going to be quite busy. Have a good night!


October 20th, 2013 YoP update

Not a whole lot to report this week.

I finished the mutli-yarn cowl….


and I knit another hat for my niece – to replace the silly pom pom one. I also knit some booties for the pram set… as I looked at the first set I crocheted and they are REALLY small…. so now my coworker and give the parents to be 2 prs of booties. there are not photos for the hat or the booties as they look pretty similar to previous photos i have posted of the first drafts of these items…

I have also started some fingerless mitts to go with the scarf and hat set for my neice. The first one is close to being done.


I know I promised the more official list would be ready for this week… but I had not anticipated getting sick, and then the kiddies getting sick AND the hubby getting sick… All of whome had to get better quickly – as the hubby is away this up coming week in Myrtle Beach and the older son leaves for a three day two night trip with his grade six class first thing tomorrow morning.

So now that we are all better, and two of the 4 of us will be away next week (mommy happy dance) I think the getting a list together may be something manageable for me…

Have a great week every one!

October 13th, 2013 YoP update

Good Morning! and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

This past week was pretty productive on the knitting front! All the pieces of the Pram Sweater got finished and sewn together! I also started and finished a coordinating bonnet, as well as made some booties to finish it off. And even better? I believe my mom is almost finished the blanket.

Here is what the set looks like…


I am pretty happy with it. It think the lady who asked me for it will be too!

So to stay focussed and busy, I cast on what I hope will be a quick knit. It may be for me, I may give it to someone at Christmas. I haven’t quite yet decided…

but it is this…


The ends will be sewn together to make an infinity scarf/cowl.

I love this yarn. I love how there are many different kinds of fibre all in one ball. The texture of the finished product is very cool.


Red Heart makes this yarn… I have used it before for a similar creation… only the item photoed above will be a little wider.

You may see an official list posted by me next week… my YoP/Christmas knitting list. I have had it mentally rattling around in my brain for sometime, but now that the baby sweater set is finished, I feel that I am ready to commit and put my list in print….

For the moment however, I must go and finish getting ready for church and preparing myself for house guests this afternoon… it being thanksgiving here and all…

Happy Knitting!!

October 6th, 2013 YoP update

Hello fellow knitters!

This week in my world has been not as knitting friendly as I would have liked, but I did make some progress!

I finished the Brown and Pink yarn bowl and I just finished the back of the pram sweater… onto the collar and sleeves next… then a bonnet and booties… did I mention I enlisted my mother to make a coordinating blanket? Blankets are not my fave… and as it turns out… not hers either! Which if I had known that, I would have just sucked it up and done it myself… but the trooper that she is, she is better than half way done it and it looks fantastic!

Anyway… here are a couple of photos 🙂


This is the Yarn Bowl… a little on the funky side… a lot on the functional side!


and these are the pram jacket pieces I have completed so far…

Thanks for checking on me!

Until next time!