August 25th YoP3 update.

You know it is sad when the only tag I could think of for this post is… Frogging.

Working on my 3rd test knit project has been fun… But has also had its challenges… The designers instructions has been worded one way, and I have understood them another…

Only part is… I did not clue into this until I was almost finished the first side to a pair (sorry for sounding so ambiguous… But I can’t delve too much info…).

I was feeling pretty tickled with myself Friday night and took a picture of my accomplishments thus far and emailed it to the designer… And that is where the trouble started…

She and I worked out that I had misunderstood something in the early part of the pattern… And she helped me clarify it…

I had to rip back more than half of what I had done…

The entertaining part to this otherwise frustrating situation was, I started frogging this project while at the doctors office Saturday (yesterday) morning. The looks of complete horror from some of the ladies was so funny… Just what the doctor ordered for an otherwise dreadful situation…

I am at a great point on this project now and am hopeful that I will be completed the first side before I go to be tonight…

Like other projects I am doing… I will wait to get the go ahead from the designer before posting any photographs on my blog or otherwise.

Happy knitting!



August 18th YoP3 update.

This week I have progress to share!

Upon receiving permission from the designer I can show you the results of my first test knit!

“Natknit” from is the designer. You can follow her on Twitter @cloudynatknit

Her pattern design is for the PDX yarncrawl 2014 in Portland Oregon.

It was an easy to follow crochet pattern and I am so happy I volunteered for the chance to do it and help her out!


Since this cowl I have test knit a hat and sweater combo and am currently working on test knitting a set of fingerless gloves. All of which I will be able to post photos of once the patterns are released in the coming weeks.

Doing fingerless gloves is a big deal for me… As I have never done them before… Working on a project with less than size 3 dpns is also a big deal…

This year of projects appears to be taking on a different kind of plan. Yes I will still be making the hats and the socks and the odd random gift for family and friends… But pushing the envelope and getting me out of my comfort zone is a great goal too… Plus I am stash-busting a lot of my current fibre stock… Which is amazing.

Must get back to the fingerless gloves an other Sunday jobs!

Happy knitting.

August 11th YoP3 update

This past week was WAY less exciting in my knitting world than last week. Not as many finishes… at least ones I can post photos of – or even talk about…

I consider myself a rather intermediate knitter. Not a beginner but not a highly evolved advanced knitter…. I can follow a patterns and often create things by looking at an example… but I am not confident enough to write my own patterns…

So this is where this blog post is going… amazing women that write patterns… I envy them. One day – I want to be one of them… until then – I think I have come up with a way to get there eventually. I have taken up the challenge of being a test knitter for a couple of designers. This past week I crocheted and knit up two of three items I volunteered to test know. And from all reports – my feedback on the patterns has been well received. I have these cool projects that I normally wouldn’t have made AND I have surprises being mailed to me as we speak! As a thank you for test knitting the patterns.

When the designers give me the ok… I will post photos of the net items I have made… But until then, I have to respect their wishes and not until they have made their patterns available on Ravelry for purchase/download/etc.

Until next week bloggers!


August 3rd YoP3 update (aka… What a week!)

Just like the title of this entry! What a week!

I finished the whisper Cardi…. And have worn it almost every day!


I started and finished a Vintage lace bag/purse…. Pattern was originally found on… Search words…. vintage lace bag and crochet.


I like it enough I suppose… Awesome stash busting project. I will likely add a liner to it and gift it at Christmas.

Next…. The grey and black vest of doom… Was (alas) frogged. And the whisper Cardi pattern has been used to start another open front Cardi… That has alternating 3 inch black and grey stripes. Not too far along on it yet… But this is what it looks like so far…


I have a good reason for why the striped Cardi is not as far along as it could be though….
Part way through last week… I think the same evening that I finished the vintage lace bag…. I noticed a tweet come up on my twitter feed from a gal from Portland OR. that I follow. She had just written her first crochet pattern and was looking for some test crocheters. With hook still in hand (from the vintage bag), I sent her a DM and indicated that I hold be thrilled to help her out. Having never done a test-anything before, I was (and still am!) quite excited. So the. Following photo is just a teaser-sample of what is being created 😉


So as you can see… This past week has been very busy… Making my way through projects for the YoP3 group… And constantly taking on new challenges. The amount I take on may dismay some, but I would never have it any other way….