This week my post is delayed by one day because we have a long weekend here in Ontario this weekend, and this is the first chance I have had to sit down and write something! 

This long weekend, whereas it has been busy it has also been productive.  Since last post I worked some more on my rose city rollers socks and I am now on the gusset decreases.  

They still don’t look like much, but that is because they are top-down roll-cuff socks… I love this yarn though… I have made socks in it before and love how it all goes together. 

One thing I did start and finish this weekend is one of two stockings I want to make for my boys this Christmas… I think they were on my list last year… But they are definitely on my list this year… The one in the photo is the one I started this weekend and it is now at this point… I just need to work in all the ends (they are tucked neatly away on the inside so you can’t see them) and maybe do a red trim on the top.

The next one I make will be in the same colours, only the red will be where the green is and visa versa.  And it will likely have a green trim at the top.

Should I make one for. Yosef, it will be in a verigated yarn with red or green trim.  Let ends to work in at the end of the project.  

I also have In mind to make a couple if these soon… 

They should be quick knits, as they are open at the front and done In a chunkier yarn.  I like making baby knits… They are fast and easy. 

That is all for now… Must go catch up on some blog reading now πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “YoP YEAR FIVE WEEK 5

    • Thanks πŸ˜‰
      It is a little smaller than I would have liked… But I am sure it is my tension… However, the fabric is tight together now so that special items won’t fall through on Christmas Day!

  1. You have been productive. The Christmas stocking looks great. I’ve never seen a crocheted stocking before and I like the shape that results.

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