YoP year 5… Week 11 “update”/check in

Good morning and sorry for my late update post.  

Knitting and crocheting has been significantly overshadowed by many other things lately… Since getting back from the cottage vacation… I have been running around non-stop.  Getting the boys and myself ready for back to school and moving have been the greatest culprits of this overshadowing.  

The boys and I are now settled into routine ok… But the moving is still eating up a lot of time… As it wasn’t just a regular move… Without going into detail- and you all need to k ow that I am doing very well – my husband and I separated.  This was a mutual decision… So all things considered… I am fine. 😉

However… While I haven’t had much knitting time and crocheting time… The test knits I did? Yep… They have been published!  So I have a few fancy photos to share.

This is the Alban Eilir Cowl designed my Ruth McKeon… You can find it HERE on Ravelry . 

And this is the Allons-y market bag by Dana Gervais.  You can find the pattern for it on Ravelry HERE 

I loved doing both of these items.  The designers are both so wonderful 😉
In the coming weeks I will have finished a coup,e more test items and hope to get back to socks and some gift knitting.

As an aside… I am headed to farmers markets this weekend and will likely be visiting with alpacas!  With any kind of luck… I will have some stash enhancements 😉