Year of Projects – Year 6 (YoPyr6) week 4

Time to check in again 😉

This week I frogged the shawl I was making in the alpaca yarn.  Did not like what it was looking like. 

So I switched gears and started making a headband.  It is simple and cute…. See?

I will make a couple of them probably. 

This week I also agreed to test knit a project for Ruth.

This is the yarn I am using and this is what I can show you 😉  

One last thing before I go… Pokemon GO came to Canada last Sunday night… And I made a cute little hat for a young girl, whose father LOVES the game! 

As I was making it, some other people approached me to make one for their child.  So this happened…

So that is what I have been up to.

What about you? 



Year of Projects – year 6 (YoPyr6) week 3

Happy Sunday! 

My apologies for not even checking in last week.  

We took the older son to his first sleep over camp experience and were driving most of the day.  Also… I didn’t really have much to talk about on the knitting and crocheting front…

This week however… Totally different story.  Darling son is home (currently sleeping) and I have progress!!!

I have finished off one of the WIPS… Which is awesome… And I have made some minimal progress on another one.

 this is the finished slouching for a friend of mine.    It was crocheted in a really near black grey and white variegated Zauberball.  And pattern is a Scattered Dahlias pattern by Justine Walley on Ravelry.  I just don’t remember which one.  I have made it enough times that I don’t need the pattern anymore… 
I love this pattern because of the easiness of it and the stitch detail…

Next up is a shawl I am working on in alpaca.  It is called Falling In Lace and is not that hard. 

It doesn’t look like much yet… I really need to get cracking on it. 

Did you see the cute project bag?  It is an alpaca bag!  I bought it in April and the Knitters Frolic in Toronto.  It is by Bling Your String.  I have two of her bags now and love the both! 

That is all for now… I am thinking that this week may be more quiet and I will have all kinds of knitting time.  Fingers crossed. 

Year of Projects – Year 6 (YoPyr6)

Hey there!  I am so glad to be back!  I am really looking forward to the YoP year ahead.

erring on the side of caution, I have just a small list to start

First I have to finish of some WIPS.  They are dragging me down and stopping me from reaching my true knitting and crocheting potential

These are all ‘link-less’ at the moment

  • Slouchy hat for a friend
  • Shawl in alpaca
  • Small stuffed crochet alpaca

Then there are these on my actual list that I want to get started and finished during this YoP year.

And as always, I would love to fit in some test knitting too…

*above information has now been created into a PAGE on my blog… Be sure to check back for updates!