YoPyr4 week four update

Hello! This post is a little later than normal for me because this weekend just never had a dull moment. However, I did start making a dent in my YoPyr4 list!

I started the hats for the boys… But ran into a snag…so am starting again… Likely this evening.

But I did finish these evil minion slippers for my older son…


So now both my minions have minions on their feet.


I also made this cute little basket… Not fully YoPyr4 compatible, but I am counting it, as it will hold my YoPyr4 WIPS…

br />

Need to get serious on bazaar crafts… More slippers I think… The minion ones maybe… And I am trying to design some “how to train your dragon 2” night fury slippers also.

I am also thinking I need to make a couple of cowl hats… Hats that can turn into a cowl with the pull of a Pom Pom. They would be good for bazaar things.

Now I am just thinking out loud… When I really should be getting to reading other blogs!<


YoPyr4 week three update


Good Sunday morning!

Looking out my window as I write this post, and all I see is cloud and rain. Great day to stay inside, write blog posts, read blog posts and knit! Good thing I am already doing that 😉

Anyway… I have exciting news. I finished the colourful socks! They are awesome… See?




I love love love them! And they were super easy to make. Using a so 2.25 needle was an experience though… I am used to 4, 5 and 6 sized needles. It was slower going for the socks, but it was so worth it.

I am now onto these ones…


They will be ankle socks and so soft and luxurious. Berraco comfort sock yarn is amazing.

Then I will have to cast on a not so plain patterned sock. I am thinking of tackling a patterned sock with eyelets and cables and stuff…

But I also have to make a dent In Slipper knitting for a Christmas bazaar I am participating in. I am starting to get that feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me to “knit all the things”

I usually get that way after I finish a biggish project… And socks qualify as biggish.

Must go surf the net for fun patterns..
Happy Sunday!

YoPyr4 week two update


This past week was SO FAST! And SO BUSY!

I stayed pretty WIP-monogamous this week… Working hard to finish off the brightly striped socks. My feet want to wear them… With sandals 😉

I just need another day or two to finish them.

One would think that I would have finished them this past week… Since half way through the week my hubby and I had a pleasant surprise… His parents took both of our sons away for two nights to a trailer for a mini vaycay!

But it is hard to knit like a crazy woman when the hubby and I seized the opportunity to have a date night… And taking knitting to an all-you-can-eat buffet is virtually impossible…. But I did get to go to the knit night the second night at my LYS… So awesome… So needed!

These followed me home though…



Yup… You see correctly… One is already caked properly for two at a time socks on magic loop 😉

But I have put the yummy yarn away… At to not be tempted… Because that happens.

But this is what I have done on the funky brightly striped socks…


Just the foot and toe shaping of both socks left to go 😉

Before I go.. Let me leave you with a photo of my monkeys… They are my biggest distracter when if comes to my knitting. That aside, they bring my such joy and I marvel in their awesomeness always… Even when they drive me crazy…


YoPyr4 week one update


Good Morning!

Happy sunny day to you. This week saw very little progress on YoPyr4 items. This is how much I have done in some socks…


But I had a couple of diversions.

I have a friend that wants to learn to crochet, so she can make a Christmas-y afghan for her self. She wanted it to look like mint candies. And I found a pattern, recently released by Red Heart, but it is HARD, even for a seasoned fibre artist… Interlocking crochet, in the round. O. M. G. !!! Apparently there. Is an instructional video being released by the Crochet Crowd on Thursday… I may have to wait and try again then… Because I then have to teach HER how to do it! However, I did try something else… In hopes she would want to scale down the difficulty…


This is a cute little African flower hexagon. I like it!

And I made this….


One of those super quick and super easy all-in-one sweaters – it is for my best friends daughter. Her birthday party is next week… So we are all set.

I can hardly wait to read other posts from YoPyr4 bloggers!

Until next week, happy knitting!