Year of Projects – year 6 (YoPyr6) week 3

Happy Sunday! 

My apologies for not even checking in last week.  

We took the older son to his first sleep over camp experience and were driving most of the day.  Also… I didn’t really have much to talk about on the knitting and crocheting front…

This week however… Totally different story.  Darling son is home (currently sleeping) and I have progress!!!

I have finished off one of the WIPS… Which is awesome… And I have made some minimal progress on another one.

 this is the finished slouching for a friend of mine.    It was crocheted in a really near black grey and white variegated Zauberball.  And pattern is a Scattered Dahlias pattern by Justine Walley on Ravelry.  I just don’t remember which one.  I have made it enough times that I don’t need the pattern anymore… 
I love this pattern because of the easiness of it and the stitch detail…

Next up is a shawl I am working on in alpaca.  It is called Falling In Lace and is not that hard. 

It doesn’t look like much yet… I really need to get cracking on it. 

Did you see the cute project bag?  It is an alpaca bag!  I bought it in April and the Knitters Frolic in Toronto.  It is by Bling Your String.  I have two of her bags now and love the both! 

That is all for now… I am thinking that this week may be more quiet and I will have all kinds of knitting time.  Fingers crossed. 


18 thoughts on “Year of Projects – year 6 (YoPyr6) week 3

  1. Yes I did spot your project bag, it’s great 🙂 I love the yarn you have used for your hat and I look forward to seeing how your shawl progresses. Leah x

  2. Oh I love the hat. The designer has tons of really nice ones. Going to have to dig through them and pick a few out. The shawl is going to be gorgeous! Love the bag!! Way too cute 🙂

      • Not sure the designer would want someone with my lack of experience testing. lol Would be fun but I’m sure there are many more with more than six months experience under their hooks who the designer would want.

  3. Your hat is great. Love the openess (is that a word?) of the pattern. Your shawl is going to be quite warm and nice this winter. The project bag is adorable. Those llamas look like they could jump right off the fabric.

  4. Wow! That hat is great and such a special gift for a friend-and I love me some zauberball, always. Your bag is adorable and of course I clicked on the link and saw several that I really need… 🙂 Hope your week is quieter as you are hoping.

  5. Love the hat Christine and how cute is that bag! Just clicked through and so many other tempting designs that have been already calculating conversion and p+p rates 🙂
    I hope this week is quieter for you and you get lots of knitting time.

  6. How adorable is the dangle on your project bag. The hat is lovely–very elegant in part I am sure to the colors. I bet that pattern would look very young and playful in brighter colors which makes it a win. Unfortunately I do not crochet so there you go

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