YoPyr4 update!!!


Good morning!

This post will be short, sweet and to the point….

No YOP progress this week… I monogamously worked on a test knit for Ruth over at ruthmckeoncelticknits.com

She designs such lovely things and as I mentioned last week… I had the honour of taking on one of her designs to knit.  It was due yesterday… And I finished just under the wire…. With literally only seconds to spare… 

The number of interruptions and diversions in ,y life this week were huge contributing factors.  And I fear the next five weeks or so are going to be very much the same… As the 2014/2015 school year ends on the 25th of June here…. And there are many MANY end of year activities going on.  Good thing I set reminders in my phone for everything… Otherwise I would be lost. 

But the test is done and now I am setting my sights in finishing a couple other items that I hope will knit up fast… As I can feel myself slipping into this need for some instant gratification cycle that I go through every now and again.

I will hopefully be able to post a picture of the finished test knit next week… I am just waiting for the ok to do so.  

Happy sunday!


YoPyr4 week 46 update 


So by my calculations this is week 46…. Because the are 6 more weeks untl the last Sunday of June… And YoP years (main stream) start on the first Sunday in July.  If I am wrong on this, I would be happy for any clarification.  Thanks in advance 😉

Not a major FO week.  I did finish a cowl for a co-worker… Made in alpaca.  Which is snuggly and warm… 

Then I cast on this… Yep, another cast on and there are others put on the back burner while I motor through it.  

It is a close up of a K2P2 rib…. Because it is a test knit for a fellow YoP member and I don’t want to give too much away…. But you can read her blog here, at Ruth McKeon Celtic Knits

That is all for now though… I have other little WIPS too… But they did not receive any attention this week I am afraid… 

Have a lovely Sunday! 

YoPyr4 update… I honestly don’t know what week we r at… 


This slightly overcast Mother’s Day is what I am looking at when I look out the window… But that is ok… The weather it warm… There is a nice breeze and our windows are OPEN! 

This blog post is probably the most amount of work I will have to do today… This is a very low-key others day… And I am ok with that!!! 

The warm weather and busy busy work week… Kept me from my knitting and crocheting some… But I plan on rectifying that later… 

I seem to have a bit of a stand still whe it comes to my projects right now… I have a few mini projects on the go… But nothing that is holding my attention for long… So I float between all of them.   I am making progress on a cowl… A winter hat… A shawl… The poncho… And finally an infinity scarf for a co-worker… 
So In the coming weeks I hope to be posting more updates with head way and lovely photos 😉

Happy Sunday! 

YoPyr4 update, week 44

So on Monday I read a blog by Kim over on Page after Page and in between all the beautiful photos of her grandies I came across one of the projects she was working on and was struggling with… And was immediately intrigued by it.  

I clicked through the link and found wee envelope … The cutest little baby sweater I have seen in a long time.  And I obsessed about it for a short while and ultimately purchased it and cast it on Monday night.  Working on it off and on all week… Swapping back and forth between it and the new cowl I cast on with yarn naught at the frolic… I cast off my wee envelope last night! 

I love it.  And it was super easy… And because I made the newborn size… It was fairly quick also.  I just need to find the right buttons to put at the overlapping pieces at the shoulders…. I will probably go with a sparkly white or something.  Must hit up my local fabric land or dollar store to find them.  

The other project I was working on in between the wee envelope was this… 

It will be a cute little cowl and hat set… Perfect for summer weather.  And I am ever so excited that I can give it My full attention now .  The pattern section is easy and should knit up quickly.
That is all for now. Looking forward to going and catching up with the other YoP bloggers now!