YoP year five – Week 7

This week was so busy… My summer camp job is coming to a close… So there are lots of ends to tie up and counsellors are getting sick left right and centre… I however… Appear to be as healthy as can be… Yay! 

This week I did a quick crochet headband for no reason… Those kinds of projects are always fun!  I hope I can show it off next week… There are ends that need to be worked in.

I still am working away on my Rose City Rollers… I think they are looking great… Don’t you? 

I am done the heel turn and he gusset… Now I need to just knit and knit and knit until it reaches the base of my little toe.  Then I will be onto the toe decreases.  Then all done! 

I hope to get these off the needles so soon… As I just signed on to do another test knit for Ruth over at Ruth McKeon Celtic Knits.

Like always for her designs… I am super pumped! 

Happy Sunday one and all! 


6 thoughts on “YoP year five – Week 7

  1. I hope you don’t catch whatever the other counsellors have gotten, now what you want. I love how Rose City Rollers are coming along and will be done very soon I’m sure, they seem like such a speedy knit.

  2. The Rose City Roller socks look great. And I think that is such a good idea to make both socks simultaneously. I do fear if I started sock making I’d soon have a drawer-full of single socks – too pooped to make the second one. lol Stay Well!

  3. The Rose City Rollers do indeed look great! What a fun yarn, and I’m really hoping to try the two-at-a-time method for sock knitting sometime soon…

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