November 10th 2013 YoP update

Good Morning!

Many photos in this blog post today! (You have been warned!)

When I last blogged I left you with the beginning of one of the teacher gifts i started…. Since then there has been MUCH more productivity. That infinity cowl/scarf got completed, as did a toque for my younger sons male teacher, AND the last infinity cowl/scarf got cast on and cast off!

During the course of the week… I also signed up for a (yet another) test crochet. I will give you a teaser photo of it too… And like the other two, will post a whole photo when I am “Allowed”.

In the interest if getting immediate family gifts done, I will be NOT signing on for another test knit/crochet until the family knitting is complete…. I have a few things on my list that I want to do… I just need to out it into action. The sisters fingerless mitts are most definitely next…. Even though I said that last week… I seriously mean it this time 🙂

Anyway… I promised photos… So here we go!


This is the infinity cowl/scarf I started last weekend. It is VERY soft.


This is the toque. It will be nice and warm!


This is the final teacher gift…. Yet another infinity cowl/scarf…

The female teachers are all getting a similar article and the male the toque. And whe you put them altogether….


You have this amazing pile of cozy knits for more-than-deserving teachers!

Now for the sneak peak of the test crochet I am working on… I anticipate being completed this by tonight or tomorrow…


It is quite Lacey for crochet…. Always pushing my comfort zone… I love it….

I am starting to set my sights on what I am going to make for MYSELF when all of the Christmas knitting is complete. And I think I have found a sweater that I want to attempt.


It is this one… I really like the look of it…. It is from Knitty and it is called FLIPPANT…. My goal is to have it completed by the end of MARCH 2014 so that I can wear it to the 2014 Knitters Frolic in Toronto.

Anyway… My family and I are on our way to church…. Happy Sunday everyone!


8 thoughts on “November 10th 2013 YoP update

  1. All your knits look great bundled up together….teachers do a great job, but you are very generous knitting for all of yours, I normally make something, but have never knitted or crocheted. My littlest (of three boys) has a lot of teachers and helpers as he is just five, its always difficult not to leave someone out. Its my oldest boy’s last year in juniors so I expect I will have to push the boat out! Have a great week!

  2. Oh wow lots of yarny goodies there for yes your right deserving teachers. They really do rock don’t they and I’m sure they will love the care and attention you’ve put into them. Can’t wait to see more of the test knit I am intrigued and I love the piece you have picked for yourself, after all that xmas knitting you deserve it.

  3. Yay I love pictures!! I’m in love with your latest creation, the blueish/greyish infinity scarf! And the picture of all of the gifts just makes you want to dive in! Squish squish! You should make yourself that lovely sweater, you deserve it!

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