November 3rd 2013 YoP update

So remember how last week I mentioned that I would work on a pair of fingerless mitts for my sister after I finished a couple of test slouchy/beanies? Mmmm… Me too… Never happened… I finished the two hats…

Sneak Peaks…



(Like previous test knits I have done, I will post much more about these two once they go “live”)

Then today I went to a YarnTasting at my LYS Creative Yarns .
The group of us were testing a bunch of new yarns brought out by the Estelle yarn Company… And 2.5 hours later I walked away with this…


12 different kinds and weights of yarn… And we had to ‘rate’ them and comment about them… Almost like a focus group… Then we were given a nice door prize… Obviously fibre related… Which I will feature in another blog entry once I knit it up 😉

However… I did leave with “ALCAZAR”. A quick and chunky fibre that is currently on my needles for a cowl for my younger son’s teacher for Christmas.

This is what it looks like so far…


So my sisters fingerless mitts will get cast on soon… Although I do have a couple more items to knit for teachers… And now something to make for my brother… And my mother… And as always… The list of people grows and grows *sigh*

Happy Sunday one and all!


13 thoughts on “November 3rd 2013 YoP update

  1. The list always grows, never shrinks!! Love the yarn swatch – for want of a better description! Can’t wait to see the finished test knits and the cowl is coming along nicely 🙂

  2. I think I would stop crafting altogether if I just crafted for others and felt stressed about it! So, now I’m ONLY crafting for myself instead 😛 Maybe not that much better..

    Yarn tasting sounds awesome!

  3. Now tell me….how on earth do you get yourself invited to a yarn taster….I’m a total foody…but I’m thinking a yarn taster sounds just as good….and a goody bag too…sounds amazing. Love the yarn for your cowl, really lovely. I do love planning all the makes for christmas, but always find myself being far too optomistic with my time.

    • Apparently yarn tastings are pretty common. I also think some yarn companies are trying to do more of them… As they tend to see the benefits of this kind of focus group. The goody bag was very cool… And unexpected!

      My LYS had the promo of the yarn tasting in one of their emails at the end of September. I called and emailed right away… Got myself on the list.

      Thanks for the comment about the cowl. As it stands now… I am almost finished it and the last two teacher projects have the yarn purchased and in waiting for me 🙂

      Happy Sunday!

  4. I wish I could find a yarn tasting–that sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂 I smiled at your list of gift knitting growing, as mine seems to be doing the same–only I really need to firm up my plans and get busy!!! The Alcazar is fabulous–I am in love with the colors.

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  6. I love yarn “tasting”.. I generally end up “stuffing” myself.. I just finished my 1st pair of fingerless mitts..I actually found an easy pattern..

  7. Oh that sounds like lots of fibery fun, can’t wait to see what your knitting up and a list wouldn’t be a list if it didn’t grow and grow, either up or down lol.

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