Year of Projects YEAR 5!!! Update number one

I can hardly believe that we are here… At the beginning of year five… It has been a wild ride… I have participated in some capacity or other over the previous four years… And I have made some great connections with other knitters and crocheters!!

Last week I posted about my year five goals and you can find them HERE anytime in the notes section of my blog…

Over the last week i finished up a test crochet hat…

Here is a teaser photo…

I also continued to work on a test knit for Ruth.  Her site is HERE.

This is about as much as I can show you…

The best part?  Right fro pm the beginning I am working on a project from my year five project list!  Test knits for Ruth are list there 😉

Not much else is actively on the needles at the moment… Trying hard to push through this test knit and have it completed really soon… Just past the half way mark now, and the bulk of the progress has happened over the last couple of evenings.

Must go… I look forward to reading about other bloggers lists throughout the course of my no-so-busy Sunday!   Please stop by the year of projects group on Ravelry anytime!


13 thoughts on “Year of Projects YEAR 5!!! Update number one

      • I’m not surprised it’s a really great combo but then I find grey compliments every colour and is a vastly underused colour. I’ve just knit 3 pairs of Danu in a grey alpaca and silk combo and they look and feel gorgeous.

  1. I’m a fan of grey…one year in high school it was my main color…and that was during the neon 80’s!!! Can’t wait to see the finished projects..

  2. You are off to a great start. I have some wips to complete this summer, some of which are on my year 5 plan, before I can hit my list hard . Hard to believe we are already on to our fifth year. Looking forward to see your talent shine throughout the year. :

  3. Hasn’t that test-knit been fun? I’ve participated too. Looking forward to the released pattern so I can properly show the project off. 🙂

    It is amazing that we are at the start of another Year of Projects, isn’t it? The last one really few by.

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