YoPyr4 final update…. AND THE BIG REVEAL!!! 

So this week has been a whirlwind of activity.  I have managed to get some knitting and crocheting done… But no FOs. Not exactly the way I wanted to end of year four… But it is what it is… 

However, here is the exciting news… I have a YoPyr5 list ready to go!!! With patterns and everything!!!  I even managed to assign categories…. I am hoping that this organization will keep me focused 🙂

So here it goes… 



Edie infinity scarf

Wee envelope sweater

Linnie baby sweater

Baby Surprise Jacket 

Seamless baby hooded pullover 

Minions slippers 

grannie slippers  

Bootie socks for babies


African flower hexies for stockings


Summer in Provence cowl and hat (This is a WIP that was put in the back burner)

Crocheted moccasins

Vanilla latte socks

Simple summer socks 

Lacey poncho (this is a WIP that was put on the back burner)

TEST KNITTING (who for) 

Celticknits  The link takes you straight to the Ravlery group… It is run by a fellow YoP participant!!! 
I am looking forward reading up on other lists posted by other bloggers!!! 

Have a terrific Sunday!  


11 thoughts on “YoPyr4 final update…. AND THE BIG REVEAL!!! 

  1. That wee envelope sweater is just darling! and those minion slippers are going to be awesome. I can’t wait to see the Lacey Poncho finished it looks amazing.

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