YoPyr4 update… Week 50!

just a quick post to let all readers know that I am working diligently on a test crochet and thinking about next year… What kinds of projects… Etc. 

I am thinking I may have to be a little more disciplined this year and make a more consise list… Not so loose-goosy.  When I am more strict with myself, I am more productive 😉

Any suggestions on what projects to work on or different strategies for staying on task would be more than welcome! 


5 thoughts on “YoPyr4 update… Week 50!

  1. Looking forward to seeing what your test knit is when done. Haha loosey-goosey, I’ve not heard that in ages and there is no point in me offering advice, I don’t exactly make small concise lists although next years one may just be surprising.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your crochet test knit. I like to have a range of projects to keep me on task, some small and some big. It means it takes me a long time to do anything but it keeps me motivated as there is always a project to get on with or to plan!

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