YoPyr4 update!!!


Good morning!

This post will be short, sweet and to the point….

No YOP progress this week… I monogamously worked on a test knit for Ruth over at ruthmckeoncelticknits.com

She designs such lovely things and as I mentioned last week… I had the honour of taking on one of her designs to knit.  It was due yesterday… And I finished just under the wire…. With literally only seconds to spare… 

The number of interruptions and diversions in ,y life this week were huge contributing factors.  And I fear the next five weeks or so are going to be very much the same… As the 2014/2015 school year ends on the 25th of June here…. And there are many MANY end of year activities going on.  Good thing I set reminders in my phone for everything… Otherwise I would be lost. 

But the test is done and now I am setting my sights in finishing a couple other items that I hope will knit up fast… As I can feel myself slipping into this need for some instant gratification cycle that I go through every now and again.

I will hopefully be able to post a picture of the finished test knit next week… I am just waiting for the ok to do so.  

Happy sunday!


7 thoughts on “YoPyr4 update!!!

  1. And a great job you did as well of the test knit! It’s so hard to carve out time for knitting when little ones have busy schedules, my bigger ones finish up this week with school tours so there is a lot of dropping off and picking up this week and the remainder finish up the 26th June and like you so many things to be done before then! I still need to carve out time to write up the next design and still finish off a sample I need knitted up.

    • I am looking forward to the next design Ruth! You are one talented lady!
      Help a gal out… What kind of fibre and how much should I be looking for?

  2. So great of you to test knit – all us lazy knitters rely on the hard work of folks like you to get our patterns ready. I’d be hopelessly unreliable about getting anything done, unless its socks. Yeah, socks get done. I hear you about the crazy busy-ness … I’m hoping to make it to the next knit night but we’ll see!

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