YoPyr4 update… Woo hoo!  2 weeks in a row ;)

This week saw little progress on anything knitted… A few more strips made for the blue poncho… A couple rows crocheted on the salmon pink shawl… That is it really.  I did however start a blanket buddy on Wednesday night and finished it off on Friday night as a quick gift for a baby I was meeting on Saturday.  

I did however enhance my fibre stash some after attending the 2015 Knitters Frolic yesterday…. 


A couple of skeins of Indigodragonfly yarn… On the left… The grey/green one is called “Don’t Blink” (apparently a Dr Who reference) and the multi-blue one is called “Like Lambs to the Frolic”. It was dyed specifically created for the Frolic, and from anything I can gather… It sold out quickly…

I also got some turtle purl yarns… They are skeined up into two hanks of equal measure for a pair of socks and one smaller skein to make solid toes, heels and cuffs… So cool.

I got some Hiya Hiya needles and some project bags.  I am also now the proud owner of a ‘YarnIt’.  A neat contraption for sure.

Never a disappointment at the frolic!  I can hardly wait until next year 😉

And before I go… A quick note… I was reviewing my YoPyr4 list just before sitting down to write this post and realized I am in pretty good shape.  Many of the things are done and those that are left… Well… We shall see.

The sweater for myself changed into a shawl… I will do a sweater again for myself… I just need to get my big project mojo back 😉

The patterned socks may not get completed this year, but I can totally see getting another pair of vanilla lattes started… The beanies for the TaeKwonDo teachers may carry over to the next list or dropped from it.

And the zombie quarrels?  They are still on my shelf, waiting for me to open them and get started…  They are calling for me to look at them – I just need to do it.  

Happy Sunday! 


3 thoughts on “YoPyr4 update… Woo hoo!  2 weeks in a row ;)

  1. Fantastic purchases. I love the Indigodragonfly yarns in particular. I imagine the colourway of the ‘Don’t Blink’ yarn is called that because the greenish colours are reminiscent of old bronze statues/angels – the ‘villains’ in that particular Doctor Who episode. 🙂

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