YoPyr4 update…. Too long! 

Much apologies to all…. I have been so very delinquent in my regular posting of my blog… In fact… According to my last post… I missed all of february.  Eek.

It has been a very busy month… So much so that I am really looking forward to spring break in two weeks.  I always look forward to them… But this year more so than normal I think.  

On the crochet and knitting front I have managed to do a few things…. But am not certain at this minute if I have finished much of anything…. 

I made these, but I think I posted them already… I just really like them… 

And I have made a sock monkey hat… Another pair of minion slippers, sock monkey booties… A baby sweater and am currently trying to finish a baby sweater that will coordinate with the sock monkey hat and booties… Sadly…  No proper photos though…. I am hoping to get my butt in gear and have a really awesome post next week… 


3 thoughts on “YoPyr4 update…. Too long! 

    • So many questions 😉

      Yes Tuesday…

      The hat is finished… Sweater is the last of the trio (hat… Booties and sweater). I could bring it for show and tell though…

      Had the frolic sweater in mind for Tuesday… Since I am now worried about that 😉

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