YoPyr4 week twenty-two update


Welcome to the month before Christmas Craziness!

I have quite a bit to show today… So get ready…

Since last post I have finished these…


More fingerlessmitts! They have gained in popularity amongst my circle of friends and I find I am making more and more of them. These are the latest ones…

Sorry for the terrible photo… But this is the green infinity scarf I was working in. It is done… And is in the hands of its very happy owner.
It was so simple… Knit two, YO, K2tog to end, knit last stitch… Then purl a row. The whole scarf is like that.


This is a crochet infinity scarf I made out of the Bernat Blanket yarn… It is amazing and so fast to make.


Using Bernat Baby Blanket yarn I made these slippers, and some loops and Threads Impeccable in grey for the Pom poms and trim. Super squishy and soft!

These mitts were made to match a hat that I had a photo of from a friend of mine. The garter stitch allows them to be super stretchy length wise… And I have to go back and alter the thumb. It is too small. That shouldn’t take too long.


This infinity scarf is a WIP and is being constructed in similar fashion to the squishy brown one earlier in this post …. It is being made with Bernat Softee Chunky – so It should be done in a few more rows.


This is the inspiration for my other current WIP… A bad piggie hat for a ,title guy I work with at my job….he will love it.


And this is how far I have gotten so far… It has been ripped back at least three times already… So I am getting pretty frustrated… But I will persevere. And it will look smashing when it is finished.

So that is all for now. We are putting up the Christmas tree today, so I must get going….


3 thoughts on “YoPyr4 week twenty-two update

  1. Wow so amazing all the finishes, love them all, we put our tree up yesterday and it’s looking decidely festive here but that just keeps reminding me of how much I need to get done before Christmas itself.

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