YoPyr4 week nineteen & twenty


Hello and huge apologies for missing last week. I didn’t have a lot to post about and I was feeling very unmotivated in the world of blogging…

So this week will be a recount of all of my yarn lovelies of the past two weeks…


Last time I blogged, I mentioned that this cowl/infinity scarf was done… Well now it is really done… Ends woven in and everything!!

And remember that brown circle that I thought was destined to be a hat similar to the blue one I posted a picture of? Yeah… That didn’t happen… Not enough yarn… So poof!


A head band! It is cute enough…

The there are these things…


This knit cowl is amazing. I really like it….


And there is this hat… A test crochet for Justine Walley again. I love her stuff… And have made many hats for family and friends from her designs.


Then there is this cute little number… A simple headband, just darling!

So with all of this yarn-y flurry… I now have these on my needles…


The fibre is the last of the alpaca yarn I am working with for the lady at the alpaca farm… And I particularly love this one… It is soft and fuzzy. And this wee little WIP is destined to become for fingerless gloves that will match this…


And then I have this in my needles…


It will be a simple YO K2tog cowl/infinity scarf for a friend.

Whew!!! That is it! For now… Until next week 🙂


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