YoPyr4 week eighteen update


Hello everyone! And welcome to the other side of Halloween… Otherwise known as christmas crafting madness in my life. I am Okish for gifts, but not as far as I would like to be… Sound familiar?

However, I did finish off a few cool things this week…

Like this for my Halloween costume..


It is a wig/hat… I was a doll…. And I am pretty pleased with the way the wig/hat turned out!

I also just finished off this…


A soft and luxurious cowl, infinity scarf that looks way better in person than in this picture.

Without hesitation, I started right in to the next project with the same fibre….


A neat hat designed by Justine Walley on Ravelry…

This is her hat she originally designed. Click on the picture, And it should take you to the pattern Page on ravelry


I hope to have this hat finished off… Soon. I have other projects I would like to get to… Especially with the new year coming! I have already joined this cool event on Facebook, via the “addicted to sock knitting” group I joined. It is a knitting socks from existing stash event. More info can be found out about it HERE.

Naturally, I have my skeins of sock yarn already caked up and ready to go. The next step is to purchase some paper bags, put one skeins of pre-caked yarn in each bag, staple it up and hand the whole lot over to my hubby, who will then label each bag, January through December. I am quite excited. I think there will be a pattern available each month to use too… But I am a happy girl with my vanilla latte socks. Especially since 11 out of the 12 skeins of sock yarn I own are variegated or self-striping…. The one solid skein may be the only exception… But I may event head straight to a sock pattern by Kate Atherley that I have been dying to tackle.

Theses are my sock yarn cakes.


Come on 2015!!!


3 thoughts on “YoPyr4 week eighteen update

  1. Yes I get you on the okish for Christmas but I’m definitely not as far as I would like to be either. What a fun halloween hat/wig and I still love those yarn cakes, I look forward to seeing them all worked up.

  2. I’m okish on not doing much crafting at all for Christmas. Seems like I’m on a steady drift towards selfish knitting, and just knit things I want to knit rather than knitting for others.

    I did join the facebook group, so I’m curious to see how it all unfolds.

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