YoPyr4 Week 13 Update


Why does it seem that these weeks are getting busier and busier? For my own personal taste, I would like things to slow down a bit. Having to do things really cuts into my knitting and crocheting time… boo.

However… I did get these finished up this weekend…


and my sights are set on a couple things to add to my YoP list…

Something like this…

And something like this…

I did get my hands on some more lovely alpaca yarn too though…


So the YoP list is being adjusted a little again. I am going to have to pick up the pace a bit though… otherwise I will have lots of lovely knitted and crocheted items for the lady at the alpaca farm – but nothing made for Teacher gifts, bazaar items or for family for Christmas! Crazy how time marches on.

Must see how my fellow YoPpers are doing this week!


5 thoughts on “YoPyr4 Week 13 Update

  1. Love the lovely alpaca yarn and time is certainly moving on, it’s hard at times to fit everything in I find isn’t it. If you find the secret let me know please 🙂

  2. September seems to have flown by. Christmas crafting is in full swing everywhere it seems. The minion slippers are to die for. I was going to give them a go, but for some reason just could not understand the instructions. But I love yours. Great job. And lucky you, to get that yummy alpaca to work with.

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