YoPyr4 week twelve update


This week was busy on the work front… I guess people are getting sick at their jobs already or being called out for trainings, as that is what I wait on for my job… To sub in for those that have to be away. However that is going to change… Tomorrow! One school, all year, covering a maternity leave! I am so excited.

Anyway, on to the knitting and crochet front. Three projects completed this week. 2 bazaar and 1 for the alpaca farm lady.

Here is the result of the cowl I showed you last week, the one that had just gotten started.


Then there was this…


It is a back scrubber for the shower. It is all crochet… The white part is made out if tulle and the handles are made out if a cotton, like what you would use to make washcloths. No pattern – totally made up out if my own head. However I may write it down…. And thinking about making. Ire if them. I think they are neat.

And lastly… Another pair of slippers, like the purple ones I showed you last week.


I also have to finished off a couple pair of minion slippers. They both need eyes, hair and a mouth and the. They will be all done.

And I have just recently cast on a pair of mittens with the alpaca yarn… All of that yarn is almost finished. I am thinking I should just be a monogamous knitters until this yarn is finished. I am so close I can feel it.

Looking forward to the upcoming week. Must go and see what others are up to now.


6 thoughts on “YoPyr4 week twelve update

  1. Lots of lovely yarny goodness going on and enjoy the job in one place for a year, must be nice having and knowing that’s what you’ll be doing work wise for the coming year.

  2. Ah how nice to have a contract that gives you a routine for a few months rather than subbing a day here and a day there. I can’t imagine you get much classwork done.

    Love the cowl! I guess I’d better start thinking about Christmas presents too!

  3. Oh what a lovely cowl! I love alpaca–so soft, and your slippers are super cute. You have had a productive week. Congrats on the job! That is sure to make life easier.

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