YoPyr4 week ten update


So this week, I only semi-strayed from my YoP list some more… Only now that school has gotten back in, I feel the need to start working feverishly in YoP stuff more… However, I only semi-strayed because I did make bazaar-type crafts for the lady with the alpaca farm. Since lady weeks post, whe I pm rationed that I finished the cowl, I have also managed to make two hats and a head-band/ear warmer thing… And I have sent them off the the lady for her to sell… Now I am working with three skeins of the thinner fibre. Still alpaca, but more like socks weight… So I am starting out in making some fingerless mitts. Then I will probably do a scarf of or two, a pair of tech savvy mitts and another headband.

But here is what I made.


This hat is cool as a long beanie slouch, or as a toque with a folded over brim… And it is crochet!

This headband was super quick and so cute to make!

This is a slouchy beret type hat.

Aside from the fingerless mitts that I have recently cast on, I have also been working on a cute infinity scarf that I will probably put away for a Christmas gift… Just don’t yet know for who. Photos of those two projects will be posted next week as well as a Tunisian crochet washcloth I am working on…

But there is this…


I rolled the projects I made out of the three “Midas” skeins and put them back In the belly bands and passed them off to the daughter of the lady that owns the alpaca farm at church this morning…

Enjoy the rest of your awesome Sunday!


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