YoPyr4 week eight update


Not much to update, other than I finished my socks! And I have worn them a couple times already!



So I am happy that I got them off me needles!

While crazily packing for vaycay, I also made this…



It is a crocheted cowl/hat. I like them very much. I am trying to make some for a craft bazaar I will be in, in early December…

And remember the crazy thought of me making winter hats while on vaycay?
I rethought this when I received these…



I have been asked to make some knitted items from these lovely skeins for the lady who owns the alpacas to sell at her shop (on her alpaca farm). I will be paid for me time in skeins of alpaca yarn! Everybody wins 😉

So that is it for this week. As I finish writing this post from my hotel room, let me leave you with a couple of pics!


These boys of mine are just chillin’!!



4 thoughts on “YoPyr4 week eight update

  1. Great socks! How lucky for you to get to use lovely alpaca and then get paid back in alpaca. Can hardly wait to see what yummy goodness you make with the skeins. Enjoy your vacay

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