YoPyr4 week six update


This week has been busy and productive in the knit and crochet front…

Made another hat… This time a minion hat… And I sold it right away. A good friend often contacted me on Facebook and wanted it. And I am about to cost on another toothless hat… This time to fit an adult… And I will be posting it to Nova Scotia.


I also made a dishcloth and a doll blanket using the corner to corner technique – I am messing with a couple of ideas to have this style of dishcloth at my craft bazaar table in December… Ironically… My sister in law wants a bunch too…



Lastly I had to make a hat for me… A bought this amazing skein on NORO Kirara yarn a while ago and it was calling me from the depths on my yarn stash… It wanted to be a slouchie beanie to add to my collection in the fall…. I can hardly wait to wear it proudly! I love the way it turned out.



Progress is coming a long steady on my second pair of socks… And I have motivation to finish them sooner rather than later because I want to start that toothless hat! As well as many other yummy projects I have I waiting… More minion slippers… They are in demand actually…


I must go settle in an continue on those socks! Have a lovely evening…


6 thoughts on “YoPyr4 week six update

  1. I’m not at all surprised that you can’t make minion hats and slippers fast enough – I’d think they’d be wildly popular. Noro can be so fun to work with – sometimes the colours are so unexpected and energizing. And of course, I love the socks!

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