YoPyr4 week five update


Wow… Week five! Crazy.

I have great YoP accomplishments this week!

Just take a look!


These two hats are for my sons, for this winter.


This one is for my younger son… There is not a pattern for it… I saw a picture of a crocheted version online and i kind of winged it from there…

The character is “toothless” the ‘night fury’ dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon 2 movie.


This one it for my older son. And would you believe it is crochet! It is a free pattern by Bernat… ‘Ribbed Hat’ for crochet and it is a men’s hat.

It is quite thick and warm. He needed something a little more mature and trendy this year as he is headed into Grade 7 (OMG)

And lastly I did these little slippers… Nothing special. Just toddler slippers.


Looking ahead, I hope to finish the other pair of vanilla latte slippers this week and start the soles to some ballet flat slippers (pattern by coco knits)

Happy Sunday one and all!


9 thoughts on “YoPyr4 week five update

  1. I am dying with the heat here in Seattle today, but I have started a winter hat too! Only 144 days until Christmas. πŸ™‚ Your hats are great–and wow! 7th grade is a milestone for sure. Have a wonderful week…

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