YoPyr4 week four update

Hello! This post is a little later than normal for me because this weekend just never had a dull moment. However, I did start making a dent in my YoPyr4 list!

I started the hats for the boys… But ran into a snag…so am starting again… Likely this evening.

But I did finish these evil minion slippers for my older son…


So now both my minions have minions on their feet.


I also made this cute little basket… Not fully YoPyr4 compatible, but I am counting it, as it will hold my YoPyr4 WIPS…

br />

Need to get serious on bazaar crafts… More slippers I think… The minion ones maybe… And I am trying to design some “how to train your dragon 2” night fury slippers also.

I am also thinking I need to make a couple of cowl hats… Hats that can turn into a cowl with the pull of a Pom Pom. They would be good for bazaar things.

Now I am just thinking out loud… When I really should be getting to reading other blogs!<


11 thoughts on “YoPyr4 week four update

  1. Love the slippers. Your ideas for the bizarre are great. I think a hat/cowl combo would be smashing. Love your basket too. Great idea for holding the WIPs

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