YoPyr4 week three update


Good Sunday morning!

Looking out my window as I write this post, and all I see is cloud and rain. Great day to stay inside, write blog posts, read blog posts and knit! Good thing I am already doing that 😉

Anyway… I have exciting news. I finished the colourful socks! They are awesome… See?




I love love love them! And they were super easy to make. Using a so 2.25 needle was an experience though… I am used to 4, 5 and 6 sized needles. It was slower going for the socks, but it was so worth it.

I am now onto these ones…


They will be ankle socks and so soft and luxurious. Berraco comfort sock yarn is amazing.

Then I will have to cast on a not so plain patterned sock. I am thinking of tackling a patterned sock with eyelets and cables and stuff…

But I also have to make a dent In Slipper knitting for a Christmas bazaar I am participating in. I am starting to get that feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me to “knit all the things”

I usually get that way after I finish a biggish project… And socks qualify as biggish.

Must go surf the net for fun patterns..
Happy Sunday!


9 thoughts on “YoPyr4 week three update

    • All the neon socks pics are just one pair… Multiple angles to show off their amazingness.. The second pair shouldn’t take too long. Rumpled is up there in priority… Soon… Very soon.

  1. I consider socks a BIGGIE project. They do take a bit of time. Well for me they do. But they are so wonderfully satisfying when they are all done and on the feet.

  2. Love them! Just the right socks to wear for rainy cloudy days to brighten the mood up and look at you having a second cast on straight away.

  3. The neon socks are fun. I live the whole 80’s vibe add they remind me of neon tees, bright lipstick, and glow-in-the-dark nail polish. Thanks for writing that observation about Berrocco sock. Good to know.

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