YoPyr4 week two update


This past week was SO FAST! And SO BUSY!

I stayed pretty WIP-monogamous this week… Working hard to finish off the brightly striped socks. My feet want to wear them… With sandals 😉

I just need another day or two to finish them.

One would think that I would have finished them this past week… Since half way through the week my hubby and I had a pleasant surprise… His parents took both of our sons away for two nights to a trailer for a mini vaycay!

But it is hard to knit like a crazy woman when the hubby and I seized the opportunity to have a date night… And taking knitting to an all-you-can-eat buffet is virtually impossible…. But I did get to go to the knit night the second night at my LYS… So awesome… So needed!

These followed me home though…



Yup… You see correctly… One is already caked properly for two at a time socks on magic loop 😉

But I have put the yummy yarn away… At to not be tempted… Because that happens.

But this is what I have done on the funky brightly striped socks…


Just the foot and toe shaping of both socks left to go 😉

Before I go.. Let me leave you with a photo of my monkeys… They are my biggest distracter when if comes to my knitting. That aside, they bring my such joy and I marvel in their awesomeness always… Even when they drive me crazy…



11 thoughts on “YoPyr4 week two update

  1. Yup yup loving those socks, so bright and cheery, makes me want a pair also for those dull days. Love the monkey picture, funny enough my monkeys are my biggest distracter also and they are totally awesome as well, I guess we are rocking the monkey thing also 😀

  2. So glad to see there is another sock yarn out there that is not wool. Love the colors and you are doing a great job on the sock. Wear them with sandals. Don’t let anyone laugh at you. How else will they see you pretty pretty socks.

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