YoPyr4 week one update


Good Morning!

Happy sunny day to you. This week saw very little progress on YoPyr4 items. This is how much I have done in some socks…


But I had a couple of diversions.

I have a friend that wants to learn to crochet, so she can make a Christmas-y afghan for her self. She wanted it to look like mint candies. And I found a pattern, recently released by Red Heart, but it is HARD, even for a seasoned fibre artist… Interlocking crochet, in the round. O. M. G. !!! Apparently there. Is an instructional video being released by the Crochet Crowd on Thursday… I may have to wait and try again then… Because I then have to teach HER how to do it! However, I did try something else… In hopes she would want to scale down the difficulty…


This is a cute little African flower hexagon. I like it!

And I made this….


One of those super quick and super easy all-in-one sweaters – it is for my best friends daughter. Her birthday party is next week… So we are all set.

I can hardly wait to read other posts from YoPyr4 bloggers!

Until next week, happy knitting!


9 thoughts on “YoPyr4 week one update

  1. I love the colours in those socks, they make me smile. The hexagon flower motif is lovely and perhaps your friend will love it also and what a cute gift for a birthday girl.

  2. I think gifting a cardigan is such a personal and great gift from the heart. Your socks ate fun. I’m glad you’re not anal about being matchy matchy.

    • Aw… Thanks! This little girl is the daughter I don’t have 😉
      I thought about losing sleep over the no matchy-ness of the socks but fell too hard in love with the almost purposeful anti-matchy!

  3. Oh my but those socks are cheerful! I love all your photos-and what a special gift with that sweet little sweater. Happy year 4! I am looking forward to seeing all your lovely projects.

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