Sunday, May 25th, 2014 YoP post


Happy Sunday! What a busy-ish week for me. Nothing spectacular, just lots of working and fibre-y goodness. Got to check out another yarn shop in Toronto and was very over whelmed. Next time I will go with a plan and pattern in mind, so that I don’t wander around like a deer caught in the head lights.

I have made three pairs of more slippers, using the same pattern as the one photoed here last week… Only they had to be for smaller feet… So that was a bit of a challenge. I think I did ok though…




I also changed my mind on the sweater I started for my girlfriends daughter. I don’t know why I thought white would be a good idea. But I found this pattern for a relatively quick top-Down knit here. Apparently it is the popular knit right now, and naturally I am following suit. I should have pics of my version next week… But for now. Here is a pic if the one from the website.


And lastly I have pretty much decided that I should make cute little sweaters for two impending babies at the church. They will each get a cute little blanket bunny (featured here last week) and a sweater – and likely some booties. This sweater is pretty straight forward. It is literally two hexagon shaped granny “squares” sewn together at the back and Along the top of the sleeves. I will put a coordinating neck trim, button band and bottom trim on it when I have sewn the two pieces together.

The one pictured below is just one I found on the internet.


My plan for next week is to have some more items to show, but also a plan in place for YoPyr4. I have a few ideas… But once I say it out loud… And put it out there, I am more motivated to make my ideas become reality.

Have a good week everyone!


4 thoughts on “Sunday, May 25th, 2014 YoP post

  1. That little cardi is adorable–very lucky babies if you ask me. I really like the slippers too-especially the pink and brown ones. I am all too familiar with the deer in the headlight look at a yarn store. When I started knitting 4 years ago, I never dreamed there would be so many different kinds of yarn! Looking forward to seeing your year 4 plans….

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