April 27th, 2014 YoP update (what a week!)


Where did this past week go? I feel like I say a variation of this phrase every week… But seriously… What happened? I always know when I have had a busy week when my gas tank light comes on before it’s regular time – Usually I can get about a weeks worth of driving from a tank of gas… Since last fill up, it has only been 5 days, and I will be filling up today. And unfortunately for me, the price of gas is stupid right now.

So other than an abnormally busy life on the mommy and day to day life side, my knitting and crocheting life has been pretty exciting too…

Last week I showed my finished sweater! And have worn it three times since 😉

After last weeks blog post, on Sunday afternoon, I made these…



These were the last two projects I needed to complete for Nerd Wars on Ravelry. The three month competition ends tomorrow and I am proud to announce that I completed every challenge in every round! This being my first time participating, I wasn’t sure that I would…

Anyway… I can also share two other hats that I tested, they were published on the ScatteredDhalias ravelry store this week. (Check out last weeks post for links to the Rav page)



Yesterday was the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto. Put on by the Downtown Knit Collective. It is a workshop and vendors fair. People come from far and wide to attend it and there is always such a wonderful turn out. I went mid afternoon yesterday before the vendors marketplace closed at 4:30. I went looking for two things specifically. A yarn bowl and a t-shirt… What I affectionately call “Knitters Apparel”. I struck out the with t-shirt but did find the loveliest of yarn bowls. And obviously I found other stash additions…


I feel quite happy with my purchases. And can hardly wait to share what I make with them in the coming months.

One thing I can leave you with is this fetching wip I am currently working on… It will be a sweater for my friends new baby. I love love LOVE the yarn and the pattern is pretty awesome too!



Looking forward to reading other blogs today while I continue to knit this sweater!


6 thoughts on “April 27th, 2014 YoP update (what a week!)

  1. You made it to DKC! I have been looking at Instagram pics of people I knew had gone. I like the stash additions.

  2. Aw! Those hat and bunny slippers are just adorable! Congrats on being such a good ‘warrior’ the first time through, it always sounds like a lot of challenges and work to me, but people seem to have a lot of fun as well! Love your stash additions too!

  3. Love all the wips especially the sweater for the little one, that yarn is gorgeous. Looks like you got some lovely purchases. Petrol here is a silly price also

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