Sunday, April 13th, 2014 YoP update


Happy Sunday morning one and all!

Today’s update is not full of FO’s but rather little girl giddiness and excitement that I am but 80 or so rows away from casting off my sleeves of my sweater!

Using the same idea as two at a time socks (where you knit both socks at once on a long circular needle) I am making both sleeves at the same time… So I can be certain that they will be the same length!


Here is a not so exciting photo of the sleeves, to give you an idea of the detail on them. The 11 stitch pattern repeat that was done for the entire body of the cardigan, runs right up the centre of the sleeves… The stitch markers help to tell me where to do the pattern šŸ™‚

I am confident this will be a finished object by this time next week, and with any kind of luck I will have “fashion show” photos to share šŸ˜‰

Remember last week when I showed a part of a test item I made? Well it just so happens the designer is amazing and has given me permission to show all of it.



Here she is! My version of Rose Burrow…. Originally created by the ever so talented Ruth from My Spare Moments. You can find her on ravelry too…. Fairywool is here handle.

Being highly critical of myself I am not loving the fact that I did not get the head of my Rose as round as the original version… But I am quite in love with it anyway.

Anyway… If I am to get these next 80 rows done, I should get off line…


4 thoughts on “Sunday, April 13th, 2014 YoP update

  1. Rose Burrow looks great – I especially love the photo of her relaxing šŸ™‚ Good idea to the sleeves TAAT … I hate counting and keeping track. Now, get on with it and I’ll check back to see photos next week of that finished sweater!

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