Sunday, April 6th, 2014 YoP update

Welcome back! Here we are again!


These weeks appear to be going by faster and faster and FASTER!

I often find myself engaged in conversations reflective of this e-card these days,



Does anyone else have this luxury? I find it hilarious personally.

Anyway… On towhy you are really here…. My progress…

I did finish a project yesterday, but since it is a test pattern, I am still waiting for permission from the designer to post it on this blog. But I can give you a teaser.


Also, I am making awesome progress on my flippant sweater. With 2 weeks to go, I need to focus on just that (said no knitter EVER!). It sounds crazy, but I am going to try..



I love visiting all kinds of other blogs on sundays, so I am off to do that again now!

Happy knitting and crocheting! >


7 thoughts on “Sunday, April 6th, 2014 YoP update

  1. Ooh I love the teaser pic! I have an idea what it is, but I’ll keep it to myself! There are indeed some funny ecards about yarn/crochet/knitting out there, they make me smile.. Flippant looks amazing so far, you did make lots of progress indeed!

  2. The texture is so amazing, I love your sweater. So much more posh than that crap that’s sold at stores. I see an amigurumi! I think crocheted ones are so much more fun to make and easier.

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