March 30th, 2014 YoP Update


Not huge gains made in the world of knitting and crocheting for me this week I am afraid… I don’t even think I worked a row or two on my Flippant sweater 😦

Lots of other diversions, unfortunately. The change in weather has my spirits up but my two darling sons are crazy right now. Which is sometimes entertaining, but not always.

I have been working on a secret project, that I am destined to have finished sooner rather than later… although this week I had to reconstruct pieces of it more than twice, and that for me is frustrating.

Round 2 of Nerd Wars, Tournament 10 wrapped up on Friday and round three begins on Tuesday. I am hoping that I have a chance to get at some of the projects I have planned for this impending round… The sweater NEEDS to get finished and I would like to keep up my flawless record so far in this competition.

I love seeing other peoples progess on their blog entries today. Must go keep looking at them!

Happy Sunday!


4 thoughts on “March 30th, 2014 YoP Update

  1. Some weeks are just like that. You could have been sick like me and had unending knitting time! Enjoy your Nerd Wars and changing weather—–things are blooming all over here in Seattle.

  2. I can imagine how a flawless record so far will give you the right motivation to finish your sweater in time, I do hope you’ll find the time and energy next to being busy with lovely & crazy sons! Have a lovely week!

  3. Those two boys are probably getting ramped up for the impending good weather 🙂 When I was young I just couldn’t wait to get outside! I didn’t get much done last week either; I just let things happen and see where it all lands.

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